Intention Sparking

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve written “2013” out about a hundred times already, doh!  On checks, on letter head, you name it!  Funny how long it takes to create a new pattern…they say it takes 28 days, what do you think?   Maybe so, but I’d like to think if you’re really intentional — it doesn’t take quite that long.   Such is life.  Such is creating it.

The more intentional you are… the more success you have.  At least once every 6 months or so I take a good look at what my intentions are… I reflect and see how they have changed + shifted… how I have.  In fact that’s is the most important piece.  How have I changed, and what’s next for me?

If your not quite sure, today I’m writing about INTENTION SPARKING.  What’s that you ask?  It’s the practice of  deliberately bringing forth your deepest intentions.  You might think you know them, and if so that’s terrific… but there is something sweet + transformational about digging deeper and accessing wants you didn’t even know you had.

In light of the New Year, (you know, I don’t do resolutions, which too often turn out to be epic fails in your minds filing system)  how about doing some intention sparking?

Here’s the thing,  when you intend, it’s a done deal.  Not only that,   it honors the powerful creative spirit that you are.  Intentions work through + with you, not because you pushed + forced something into being.  Intentions are an act of self love… and bonus, it’s a joy ride for your humanness.

Here’s a few points to get your intentions sparked…and some PERMISSIONS to give yourself.  We don’t do that enough.

1)  Think about this, when was the last time you allowed yourself to WANT?   I mean reallllly want.  Like as in, with burning desire?  Here’s something I see all the time… we numb out our wanting,  to protect ourselves from the pain of not having. 

I want to give you permission to fully want what you want.   Now it’s your turn.  Say it out  loud,  “I give myself permission to want what I want.”  (And if it triggers the pain of “not having”… there is alignment work to do, but don’t be afraid. It’s just a thought a way.  It’s ok to want.  And just because you don’t have it, doesn’t mean your not getting it!)

2)  Be willing to ferociously enjoy life, and give yourself permission to do so.  Guess what?  If you’ve got something on your bucket list…give yourself full permission to DO IT.  I know… money holds you back.  Work holds you back.  Something is always in the way.  But here’s a truth worth hearing, there is always a WAY.  Sometimes it takes thinking about it differently…sometimes it takes a willingness to do something differently…and when you put it together you’ve got it.

3)  Now, give yourself some time (and permission) to just BE with yourself.  No distractions.  No have to’s.  Get into the present moment.  Stop thinking.  Get our of your head.  Put your awareness on your heart.  It’s nice, I promise you.

Now ask yourself, what do you want?  What do you really really really want?  What’s our soul’s burring desire?   What lights you up?  What brings you joy?  What desire is beyond your wildest dreams?

Let imagins come to mind…feelings bubble up.  Allow yourself the total freedome to let go of what you think you should do, and replace it with what. you. want.  It only need be crazy beautiful to YOU.

Now, write it down.  That simple.  Go broad.  Love, joy, peace, exhilaration…. more feeling.   Or go specific… the vacation, the car, the love(r), the home, the body, the family.
And now… release it.

More on that lesson later 🙂