This haunts me from time to time.   Like a  ghost I don’t believe in.

One of my business mentors told me if I didn’t write weekly, at the same time every single week…day, time + in the same format I’d “lose you”.

That you wouldn’t remember me.  That I’d break trust with my faithful “followers” (oh, how I hate that term, I prefer soul brothers and sisters – that’s who you are to me.)

The question, that I finally had the courage to ask, and pose to myself  was… “Is that true?” 

Followed by, “Who would I be without that thought?”   In all ways, it was ridiculously freeing.

Now, yesterday I was triggered.

Facebook reminded me that it’s been 8 days since my last post.

Heaven forbid.  8 days.  Certainly the sky will fall, won’t it?

It’s my guess you’d much rather hear inspiration than formulation.  Or… regurgitation.  (gross!)

I honor you as a brilliant soulful being.   Being real is where it’s at. 

I tell you this to give you total and complete permission to break the rules, make your own + find your SWEET SPOT to creating a life (and business) you desire.

The only rule is –  you make your own.

Go ahead and challenge the rule.  Just ask this….


Ahhh, best question ever to leave the lips of any human being… ever.

By the way — I learned this from Byron Katie, founder of The Work, many years ago.   She’s amazing.  This little question has the power to release years of belief that has not served you, and free you from generations of emotional prison.

I highly suggest asking yourself that very question right now…about anything.  Especially the things that are hurting you, or have you feeling less than you are… especially the thoughts might just be out of sync with your greatness. 

Do it.  Ask.   IS IT TRUE?  (and who would you be without that thought?)

Free. Love. Limitless.