Keep Your Word (when you have to + how to deal when you don’t)

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Have you ever stopped to think about the power of your WORD?

Tune in.  When you keep it – your heart soars with a forward movement that runs through you.  It feels like love.

Balance. Rightness. You’re aligned — in your heart center.

It’s beautifully subtle. You’ll see (and rather feel)  how an energetic breeze of honesty, integrity + keeping your word can positively affect your life + work.

It’s a simple choice that has the power to affect everything.  Keeping your word is not just the right thing to do, it’s an energetic + spiritual space you hold.

Let’s explore further:

So,  be honest — how often do you break your word, others or to yourself? To the world?

 Last week I posted this on Facebook:

 “the world needs you standing in your WORTH when you are doing that thing called your life’s work. don’t go cheatin’ us. ♥”

The point is — if you are not standing in your worth while you are doing “that thing” called your life’s work — you aren’t keeping your word to yourself + the world.

Dramatic?  I don’t think so.  You’re word is a powerful piece of the puzzle.  It’s your integrity.   It has the power to make movement in your  life + attract what you desire most as a result.

So keep it. 

Ask yourself these questions:   Are you keeping the promises to your PEOPLE?  To yourself?  To the world?  To a purpose that

literally called you?

Are you showing up the way you promised in your heart?

I think about this each + every time I’m afraid to take action in my life’s work, and then I boldly ask:

Who’s losing out because I’m too afraid to keep my word, to show up?  Ugh.  Me.  Them. 

(then, “let’s do this thing no matter what” resounds from the corners of my heart.

So, keep it.  To others + the world.  It’s important.  To yourself – it’s dire + symbolic of the deeper commitment to your dreams + life purpose.

It almost seems a little strange that I write a list on “how to keep your word”, because it’s merely a choice.  And you just DO. 

But I’m going to do it any way, because I like to ferret things out — and of course there are a few exceptions to every rule.  ( we’ll tip toe)

How To Keep Your Word…

1.  Do what you say you’ll do.  If you say you’ll do xyz, then do it.  And here comes the exception:

If you fall out of alignment with a “that thing” you said you’d do or be — then be transparent + communicate.  Ask “what the greatest kindness” as Glenda Green says.  Take a vow of honesty + kindness + transparency…and over all, keep your word here.  Come from love always.

So, yes — I don’t mean that you should go off and get married because you said you would– and then live a loveless life — I mean keep a deeper commitment to yourself + humanity — and make keeping your word a priority.  But when you can’t (because it wouldn’t be keeping your word to yourself or a higher virtue….deal in the highest integrity that you can muster up.

Life isn’t as clear cut as we’d like it to be. So if you are going to make an exception to keeping your word — do it under these virtues.

Now — on to a few more….

2.  Use language that  is accurate.  This is easier — I’m working on crackin’ the bad habit of “just a second”, when what I mean is “in an hour”.  Communicate with your people in ways that are true + real.  Your word can be that small but have huge impact, don’t minimize.  Remember this when it comes to your kids, your employees + your boss. Set expectations you’re willing to stand behind — oh be a living example of.  (Now that’s keeping your word)

3.  Keep your word to yourself.  Probably should be #1.  We don’t keep our word to ourselves…to go after a dream, to be in extreme self appreciation or to follow a new regime for health, wealth or happiness.  You name it.   For good old happiness.  Be fierce in your commitment to yourself first + foremost.  How could you keep your WORD with yourself right now?  What would you do?

4.  Say no when you mean no.  Don’t say yes when you mean no… just say no.  When he asks you to marry him in front of his family and long lost cousins, it’s ok to say NO.  Say, I love that you asked me, but no.  Say, I wish I could, but no.  Say, I can’t today – but please ask again. Just say no…(no need to justify either btw).   Every time you say yes vs no — you are playing with “break your word fire”.  Just sayin.

5.  Stop over promising.  What’s that you ask?  Don’t promise the whole pie + give a slice.  Much better to promise a slice + give the whole pie because you can, or are inspired to.  Much easier to keep your word + follow through + be on the high end of the deal. On all planes.

6.  Show up.  If you promised, then show up.  And don’t make promises you can’t keep… And on another note — you’ll want to attract others who  keep their word with YOU.

So, keep your word to yourself.  To your people.  And to the world. Life will love you back.

Love to you!