Land in Your Lap Effortless (the how to’s)

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This is as much an event as it is a place that you are coming from, in your heart of hearts.

A  few weeks ago I wrote “Land In Your Lap Effortless” in blue dry erase marker on my white board after talking to a client on the phone. It was big + bold and took up at least a quarter of the board that hangs to the right of me in my office.

I have yet to erase it.

I like it this way, there is no doubt about it.  In fact, I want you to come to expect that’s how life is going to start unfolding for you.  Can you imagine what might happen if you did?

Feel how good it feels to say this —

“Land in my lap effortless, it’s how I roll.”
“Land in my lap effortless, it’s the way I do it.”
“Land in my lap effortless, its’ the only thing I’ll accept.
“My life?  It’s land in my lap effortless”.

So does that mean you never struggle, you’re never challenged or you never ride the roller coaster of life?  No.  But what it does mean is this:

It means opportunity lines up without forcing it.  Ideas descend upon you like sweet gentle rain in perfect timing.   That nudge to “take action” comes from joy + inspiration + a feeling that is just right.

It means that things line up perfectly…in synch…one right after another.  It feels like the heavens part just for you in perfect timing, delivering you the right people, the right time + the right mix of circumstance to make your dreams + desires sing.

Far from perfection, far from challenge free — but the evolving is effortless and comes from a place of alignment, belief in self and an ever tweaking of your thoughts + emotions.

I’ve got a thousand ways to created that “come from” that allows life to fall into place effortlessness.  For the opportunity to show up and knock at your door — but here are a few places you must start + never stop tending to.

1.  Know good things are coming — and be unwavering about this truth.

2.  Have faith in yourself, love yourself + stay true to the dreams that feel impossible.

3.  Honor — with everything you have — the synchronicity around you.  It blesses you + lights the path, more than you know.

4.  Keep the garden of your mind weeded…process your emotions, shift your thinking,
spiral up your energy + reach for a more loving aligned thought — always.

5.  Know opportunity is something you create yes, but even more so born out of who you are becoming.

6.  Start expecting, right now — that life + all it’s opportunity comes to you in the energy of “land in your lap effortless”.  Start saying it.  Put it on your white board.  See opportunity lining up for you with ease + grace + simplicity.

Have a amazing week!!