Law of Attraction LOVE + Relationships

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Law of attraction love ‘n relationships.   Read on to get answers to questions that have been asked ohhhh so many times.   That’s what we’re talking about today.

“The people we are in relationship with are always a mirror, reflecting our own beliefs, and
simultaneously we are mirrors, reflecting their beliefs. So…relationship one of the most powerful
tools for growth… If we look honestly at our relationships, we can see so much about how we have created them.”~ Shakti Gawain, author Living in the Light

Did you ever wonder why certain relationships look the way they do?  Why you experience them in such a way?

(hint: you create and attract them)

Did you ever wonder why certain people show up in your life with certain behaviors and attitudes?

(hint: you create and attract them)

Ever wonder just exactly how responsible you are for creating your experience with OTHERS?  What’s theirs, what’s yours?

(hint: more than you think.)

If you are seeking to create a better relationships with your spouse, partner, children or anyone for that matter…the short tips I’m about to chat about are essential to finding peace of mind, and help you create the relationship experiences you desire.

This is “create your reality work”, and relationships are rich with opportunities for your personal growth.  Beyond that – truly…for your expansion as a human being,…the love you are.

All of life is a co-creation, of course…down to the last butterfly you attracted. But there’s nothing like a relationship to propel yourself and expand your spirit exponentially.  Actually… make that multi-dimensionally..

Now I’m wondering…have you ever felt like this?  My clients get stuck here sometimes (all of us do) and wondering if you can relate:

– If my spouse/partner doesn’t believe in me, then it messes up my vibe.
– How can I create my reality when I’m living in such negativity in life/work/ with others?
– I can’t control them, so what’s the point in doing MY work around relationships?
– How can I choose to feel one way, when I’m staring in the face of xyz behavior?
– How can I make them be different?

You know — I hear you.  It’s challenging.  But trust me when I say the issues that you’ve experienced, or will experience in your relationships with others will only fine tune conscious creation skills, and expand the love you are.

You might as well put your hands in the air and ride the coaster of life.  There’s nothing you need to protect yourself from, only create. (and it will be much more fun if you do.)  And of course, consider these points on law of attraction love, always.

Law of Attraction Love + Relationships ~ Points to Remember

1.  Remember we are a reflection of one another.
Often times what you experience in others are perfect reflections of thy self, in some beautiful (and not so)  way. So it’s important to ask the questions — “What can I learn from this relationship about myself?  What here could even be symbolic about ME?”  Dealing with a bully doesn’t mean you ARE a bully — but might truly be a reflection of a fear you need to work at, (since bully’s are just small and fearful).  So be open to it.  If you experience it, you own it…somehow.

2. You attract what you are focused upon…even from your people.
Here’s another crucial point as we discuss the Law of Attraction Love…your people will deliver, each and every time — that which you are focused on in them. Being that like attracts like, it’s difficult to attract the relationships that you are seeking at home, work and life by standing in the place of judgment, fault finding, and finger pointing.  Give love, get love.

3.  We’ve all asked for love.
Beyond a  shadow of a doubt I know this to be true — we’ve all set huge spoken and unspoken intentions for love.  We’ve all asked for it.  Know that sometimes love comes in unexpected ways, ways in which our ego’s would say “hey that was horrible.”  But remember that each and every experience is a stepping stone to where you are going.  Ask and it is given.  Stop judging how it’s coming to you, instead know it is and get focused on the hopeful expectation of what life brings when you get our of your own way.

4.  Always, appreciation.
What might happen if you looked for the best in another, hoped for the best, held them in the highest esteem, withheld judgment…. what might happen if you stood in appreciation even when it was hard to find something to appreciate?

Things shift, people change, and your relationships can light up before your very eyes. Easy to do?  Not always.  Life changing?  YES.  Did they change? Nope. It was me, and because of my alignment with who I am, (love) and who they are (love) I am able to have an alternate experience. The Universe gets to deliver that relationship to you on a silver platter – and ways beyond what you thought was possible when you create consistency of thought.

5.  It starts with YOU.
You can’t control others, but you can control yourself.  You can control how you choose to perceive and feel. This is the oldest piece of empowerment psychology out there, but it’s so true.  It starts with you on every single level.  The love and relationships that you want to experience start with self.  How’s your relationship with you?  It’s time to transform it, and never stop.

law of attraction loveThe disclaimers on law of attraction love + your relationships:

Does this mean if you feel hurt in a relationship you just ignore it and focus on how wonderful they are? Does it mean you should stay in relationships that don’t honor you?

No, you are at choice and you can choose how you want to live and be in the world as it relates to your relationships.