Lean Into the Dream

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Sometimes you just gotta lean into it. That’s right; you have to lean into the goal, the dream or the desire. Taking huge leaps can be intimidating and can activate fear – and this is the remedy to soften that vibration and still get to where you want to go.

So, what does it mean to “lean?”

Leaning into the dream might look like:

– Taking action (any action).

– Warming up to an idea (say, I love the idea of xyz!)

– Embracing a change you want to embrace.

– Choosing to feel hopeful.

– Standing in your power.

– Investing in yourself.

– Writing the first word.

– Writing your new title on your business card.

– Securing a domain name.

– Writing the outline.

– A first stab business plan.

– Exploring an opportunity.

– Allowing yourself to think outside the box.

Whatever you do – just LEAN. Just start somewhere.

Leaning is hopeful. It’s trusting. It’s kind. It holds a vibration that says, “this is happening, one small step at a time.” It says, “I will get there. I trust myself. No matter what.”

Here’s what I love. Sometimes – when you lean, the energy just takes you – and you are blissfully swept up into momentum you didn’t expect! It’s amazing!!

Sometimes all it takes is a little learning into your dream for things happen fast. Open up to that idea – when I lean, things can happen fast. (Doesn’t it feel good to lean into that idea?)

If leaning, and letting the energy that takes you feels like falling – know that you’ll sprout wings and fly, because that’s how this stuff works. And then we build our wings on the way down. (Future lesson!)

Today, write one way you’re willing to lean into the dream. An action, a thought, a way you’re willing to lean into it. And know there is no right or wrong way to lean into the dream – it all works!


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