life is a journey …(let the path be beautiful!)

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Life is a journey.  If you want to manifest quicker, faster + more joyfully…you must read on.

If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.”
Anatole France

You may have heard your inner gremlin taunting you at times…

“How do I know if I am on the right path?”
“What if I am on the totally wrong path – then what?”
“I am probably wasting my time going down this one….”

Sound familiar?

I am here to help you whip that gremlin into shape…where you are– on “this path” — couldn’t be more perfect.

Not believing so would fundamentally rock one of the most important and foundational operating systems important to your success, which is – you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

A choice to believe in anything less sets you up for future “failures” — as if there were such a thing.  But remember if you believe, or stand in fear that you are on the wrong path, chances are strong you’ll create a whole set of “wrong” feeling circumstances.

Now, a truth that might serve you is:  Your thoughts might be going down the wrong path, meaning they are not in alignment with your greatness. With your potential. With your power as a creator.

But there is more.  Standing in judgment of your life journey – of where you are at, at any given time, can also be dangerous to your personal evolution and expansion.

Awareness without negative criticism of thyself would be more appropriate to your goals, wouldn’t it?
Yes.. I know – hard to do.  After all, you are human!  However, no need to judge where you’re at, and call it anything but perfect.

Life is a RADIANT perfect experience, and a belief system that says anything less, only hinders your forward movement.

So, breathe this in…

Isn’t it nice to know that…

1.  There’s is no wrong path…life is a journey.  You can’t be anywhere but here, and here’s is where you are.  Perfection.

2.  There are no wrong decisions, and no mistakes.  Think: experience + personal expansion.

3.  You need not know exactly what’s coming, life unfolds in response to your intentions if you let it.  Sometimes even better than you could EVER imagine.  Did you know, the Universe is conspiring in your favor?  (hey it’s 2013, have you set some amazing intentions yet?)

4.  You are never running out of time, or short on time.  In fact you are timeless.   So need to rush along the path.  You’ll get it done.  All of it.  Let your passion be your guide — not your need to cross some illusionary self imposed finish line. Create because it’s awesome to create.

5.  You are here to experience joy, bliss, abundance + love and as you walk along your path, and you get to choose all of it!  What are you choosing right now, in THIS very moment?  (all of your power is focused in the now, make it good)

6.  A gentle reminder that you are in the right place at the right time can work miracles in your moment.  Take a deep breath today, know all is well, you are in the perfect place, and all that you desire can and will be yours.

Life IS A Journey!