Life is an Experiment

What might happen if LIFE, and everything you did was just one big happy experiment?

If you made the decision to view it all as just one big happy trial? What if you got to play? What if you didn’t have to take everything so seriously?

Okay, I’m the first to say: go BIG. Make a commitment. Decide. Go ALL IN 1000%.

I think there is a powerful energy here. However, I believe you can be here, and infuse your life with the energy of experimenting too. All at the same time.

Let’s say you’re not there. Let’s say you’re a little worried about taking the first step. Let’s say you want to let go of control just enough to try something new, or to put your toe on the water – EXPERIMENT. It does miraculous things. Including, allowing you to release fear, create inner alignment and take inspired action.

You see, experimenting always works. No matter where you are.

Let’s look at that word – EXPERIMENT.

What does it suggest to your ego? It implies that this might be fun. It implies that you could literally detach from the outcome, which by the way is part of your Daily Manifesting Routine.

So, if you’re curious about how to detach from the outcome, experiment with everything. I’m still experimenting with stuff I’m totally committed to. Still holding the vision, being ALL IN, and yet in the same breath knowing that in my experiment – something far beyond my wildest dreams could manifest in my reality.

And it does.

So consider this for a jump start:

– Need to make a scary phone call to grow your biz? It’s an experiment.

– Would to entertain a new opportunity? It’s an experiment.

– Need to say NO to someone you love? It’s an experiment.

– Need to tell someone you LOVE them?! It’s an experiment!

– Need to let go of something that doesn’t serve you? It’s an experiment!

TODAY, list five things you’re willing to experiment with this week. Write them in your journal or on the forum.

Watch the video: