On Limitlessness: 5 Gateways to Greatness

Limitlessness.  Not a very concrete topic to describe, or much less write a “how to” article on how to get there.   It’s a feeling.  An energy.  A potential.  A love.  A choice.  A truth.

What I love most about what I do as a coach is sitting in that “limitless space” with my client.  Sure we are processing…moving energy around…shifting this and that…putting a story in perspective…removing blocks…creating momentum.  But there is an amazing opening there that allows me to see + experience your limitlessness.

It’s beautiful, actually.  It’s very becoming on you. In fact it’s not just that — it’s who you are.  Breathtaking.

It’s my intention, goal + hope that  you feel it too — and be so excited by that reality,  you start living there,  more often than not.

Yes, sometimes you  get glimmers of that limitlessness, don’t you?  But the ego is quick and crafty with offering you proof that things are not that easy, or you are not that powerful. 

Such is life.  That’s part of the puzzle of  “you”.  You do a lot of expanding because that little ego is in place.  It’s got a greater function than most of us give it credit for. Nonetheless — you’re work is the same.  Lean into your limitlessness — and choose to be there, again and again…more often that not.  That’s the key.

So how, right?

Well…I’ve been using the word “gateways” a lot lately.  I love to offer you gateways.  In many ways I’m a gateway guide.

 In my mind’s eye I see you standing on one side of a white picket fence.  It’s a little shabby chic, with some pure white paint peeling from the edge, lovely and quaint. It’s unlatched, and has no intention of being. It’s cracked open part way  already —  and holds an open invitation for you to walk though.

The gateway, is a merely a mental + emotional shift that offers you an opening, or a pathway, to get to where you want to go. You can’t get connected or in sync with your limitlessness from the space we call unworthy, undeserving or failure…. nor from scarcity or lack.

And it’s not just the gateway that’s important — it’s the beauty and potential on the other side. It’s the forever warming sun, the never ending rolling fields, the heavenly blue skies…. the FEELING of limitless creates the expansion of your LIFE.

So my wish for you? To step into that feeling of limitlessness — more often than not.  Everyday, many times a day.  Remember who you are, what you are here to experience, and what you have the power to create.  Great power here.

That’s good news isn’t it?  Limitlessness is not something you have to create, it’s something you are + choose to tune into.  And when you do, the potential of your life changes.  In fact — the more you’re there, the more you’ll create awe inspiring success for yourself.

Now,  let’s talk gateways.  The thoughts you can think +  beliefs you can choose that are a match to your limitlessness.

Gateways to Greatness:
Lean into them.  Love the idea of them.  Practice them + carry on.

Gateway #1: Connection.  If I were to narrow this to ONE solitary point, this would be it.  It’s hard to see the truth of your limitlessness from your head. Get into your heart + feel for it…for you. Beautiful aren’t you?  This might take some practice, but when you are focused on it, you are standing in it.  Simple as that.  You are a limitless, expansive, lovin’, light-filled-source-energy-anything-is-possible-creator.

Gateway #2:  Willingness.  Ask yourself – Am I willing to do it different?   And notice, you can choose “willing joyful” or “willing disgruntled”?  It matters.  When you are willing, you move into limitlessness.

Gateway #3:  100% Responsibility.  Say this…I’m 100% responsible for my life + business.  Big time truth. And notice you can  “find fault in yourself” or take “full empowered responsibility”. It matters!!  And when you do — one step closer, each and every time, to limitlessness.

Gateway #4:  Perseverance. When is the last time you committed to yourself this way: “No matter what it takes, no matter how long, no matter what’s placed in front of me – THIS is happening.”   So expansive.  And notice,  it can be “bang-your-head-against-the-wall- perseverance” or “empowered-by-the-light-of-your-soul-perseverance”.  And yes, you are right, it matters!  Making the choice to persevere for the millionth time…you are without a doubt tapping into your limitlessness.

Gateway #5:  Energy.  Good news…everything is energy. Life is fluid. You have the power to change yourself, and when you do — things change.  A philosophy of anything less would suggest limits.  And in truth, there are none.  When you get + embrace this, when you remind yourself of this truth — you become it.  Limitless.

Certain gateways can feel like more of a leap, can’t they?   These might  feel that way  for you.  That’s ok…  Know there are smaller ones…baby steps on the path.   Deep self love, for example?   A beautiful gateway, and a starting point for most.  (I talk about it all the time for a reason!)

What’s your starting point?  Your start up gateway?  What thoughts can you shift into that are easy gateways for you?  What taps you in to your greatest power?  Is it easy to stay there?  What challenges do you face that you are willing to overcome to get here?

Leave me a comment below — would love to hear your thoughts.

Love to you!