the manifestation 100 thank you.

Thank you for joining The Manifestation 100!  I’m so excited for what’s in store!

A little bit of housekeeping before we begin….

The next step is to confirm your email address… so head over to you’re email right now and click on the “confirmation button” I sent you.

If you don’t receive a confirmation of your confirmation — you’re not in yet. 🙂

If you have ANY trouble with this, please email me directly at 

This is just my list providers way of knowing you REALLY want to be in this group, and make sure I’m not spamming you.

I don’t want to miss a beat!

After you have confirmed, you’ll receive an email back from me with a link to join the group forum which I host on Facebook.

If you are not a member of Facebook, it’s OK.  You can still create an account for participation in this community and visit daily, just like any other forum.  Sound good?

See you there!