5 Secrets To Meeting Yourself Exactly Where You Are

Guess what?  You. Are. Here.

Said so brilliantly by Confucius ~  “No matter where you go, there you are.”

There is not one single place that you should be, that you aren’t.  In other words — you are exactly where you should be, in this moment — no question.  Where ever you go, there you are.  Simply true, and the only thing that stands between that simple truth and any other perception of it is your thoughts.

You might say, but Lori — “I should be further along the path, I should have achieved more, done more, and become more.”  You might say, “I’m a failure, I can’t do this right, or I’ll never get to where I am supposed to be!”

Good news, those are all just thoughts.  Where ever you go, there you are… and it’s perfect.

In addition: The grass is just as green on this side of the fence.

Meeting yourself exactly where you are at is one of the skills that I coach my clients around, because that energy and attitude is a match to contentment and peace — and from that state of non-resistant you actually become that which you desire.  You manifest with ease.

You are living in the space of an empowered conscious creator!

So, let’s talk about how to ease yourself into this place.

5 Secrets To Meeting Yourself Where You Are

1.  Unhook from what you think others think.  (There is a massive danger here, no joke.)  It’s time to pay more attention to what you think of you… and more importantly how you feel.  If you are leaning in the direction of loving you, being kind and compassionate to you… you’re headed in the right direction, not to mention in the direction of all that you’ve ever asked for.

 2.  Start making peace with all of your perceived imperfections, failures, and mishaps ~ and seeing your divine perfection.  Note the word perceived.  Everything is perceived, everything.  You are so beautiful, do you see it?  Will you choose to?  Right now?

3.  Stop judging, and appreciate your divine self.   I want you to start creating your life, your body, your money, your relationships, your joys, your personal transformation from a space of pure unconditional love and appreciation for where you are.  I want you to see yourself through the eyes of Source.  Not because you’ll manifest quicker from this space (umm but you will) but because it’s TRUTH.

4.  Bless the journey.  You can choose to look back on the adventure that brought you to where you are at with pain, or even perhaps resentment.  Or — you could allow your vibration to be a match to your perfection — and look back and bless the journey.  Life has offered you a set of circumstances that has led right up to NOW, and you have interacted and created with those circumstances via your divine will.  Bless what life has offered you, and bless the choices you’ve made.

5.  Know the present is perfect.  The past is the past, the future is the future… but only NOW exists.  In fact, there was never a time when your life was not right now.  This is where you create, resonate, and vibrate your energy.  You can not create in the past.  You can only create in the beautiful and juicy present moment.  Only the present exists.  The only way you could potentially make the present more perfect that it is — would be if you were to make a choice to focus your energy and your thoughts on the fact that this very present moment is perfect in it’s own right.

So, I encourage you to stop, and know that you are exactly where you “should” be – nothing else.  Your only job from this moment on is to know you are there, be fully there — and make choices about your next steps from this most gorgeous, moment to moment place in your existence.

It is unbelievable liberating to know you can meet yourself HERE now, and nothing else need be different.

You have the choice in this moment to free yourself of the judgments, the should’s, the have to’s and create your life from a place of love and creative freedom.  You desires preferences, and choices may change — and as a powerful creator you have the option to say —  “I’m HERE, exactly where I am, and I am creating THAT.”

Master this…this so important starting place – and you are golden.