Are You Missing Opportunity? (the Quiz)

How much I missed, simply because I was afraid of missing it.”
― Paulo Coelho

We’ve all felt like we’ve missed them…opportunities that is.  We live, we learn + say, “I’ll never mess up like that again.”

But, have you really messed up?  Not really.

I fervently believe you are in the perfect place at the perfect time — all the time.   A “missed opportunity” is just an opportunity for awareness + growth.  It’s just a chance to pull up your bootstraps and create your life in a new way.

So when you are pulling up those bootstraps, let’s talk about ways of being, thinking, + living that support the attraction of new opportunities to you, and even more importantly your ability to SEE them.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with someone who has had a opportunity, sometimes a BIG one, right in front of them and they nearly miss it!

After 15 years of coaching I’m 100% certain that “missed opportunities” or the experience of  “lack of opportunity” —  comes from having an internal set of blinders on, and those blinders are not what you’d expect.

Those blinders are energetic + emotional  in nature, rooted in life challenges.

Your awareness is the king ‘n queen of abundance — and I’d like to help you take off those blinders TODAY. I made a short quiz to help you see what needs seeing + and gives you a starting point on the journey.

Want more opportunity + the abundance that rolls with it?  Opportunity is all around you — even in this very moment (trust me!)

So let’s get started, shall we?

(answer true or false)

1.  Life feels overwhelmed + stressful, more often than not.

2.  I don’t know where to focus my thoughts + emotions.

3.  My energy feels split.  Divided. Going in too many directions.

4.  I suffer from “bright shiny object syndrome”. (chasing the next best thing)

5.  I don’t trust myself, or my intuition very well.

6.  I lack self appreciation, and know I could do better.

7.  My intentions are blurry, I’m not sure what I want.

8.  I have a hard time seeing synchronicity in my life.

9.  I am paralyzed with fear in making decisions + taking action.

10.  I’ve looked back and wishes I would have followed a path/nudge/opening.

11.  I’m being nudged, right now — and I’m not listening.

Truth is – these statement are indicators of areas that block your ability to attract opportunity — and even see it when it’s there.

Your Score:

If you answered:

0 True’s — Congrats Creator!  You’re an opportunity magnet!  You are attracting + creating more opportunity + even more importantly seeing them.   Kudos!!

1-2 True’s —   Opportunity knocks, but maybe not as often as you’d like.  You might feel like you are paddling up stream sometimes — but it’s not stopping you.  Clean up your “true’s” and you’ll be a rock star opportunity creator!

3-5 True’s — Your opportunities seem far and few between, or at least it feels that way.  You might wonder why something “good” hasn’t happened, or you’re not as lucky as others.  But never fear — you can work on these “true’s” and get in alignment with the ease + flow of possibility.

5+ True’s — You’re probably feeling stuck, and opportunities that do show up feel more like miracles. (not a bad thing btw)  A little more work to tend to here — but don’t fret!  When you come through challenge + CREATE your own opportunity – sometimes a landslide of  good and abundance comes.  (wouldn’t that be nice?)

 Good news is…you’re a creator of your life + your opportunity.  The awareness comes first, now it’s time to pull up your bootstraps + start opening up to the unbelievable amount of opportunity and abundance right in front of you.  It’s everywhere!