Money Blocks…(yes we all have ’em.)

Another one of the most often asked questions that I receive as a coach is — “How do I create more money?”

That’s a great question, and on the minds of so many of the entrepreneurs + professionals I work with.  In fact, sometimes it’s one of the main reasons they COME to coaching, is to get help in this very area.  Your mindset + energy is where it all MUST start.

Let’s simplify — money is energy, and you are either flowing it…or not.

So if you are trying to create “more” and find yourself spinning your wheels — you’ve got a few blocks to resolve.

You know —  If you are hoping I’d say those blocks are about “the economy”…you might have to jump on another blog — because my truth says money flows are about YOU.  About thyself.  Moi.

Here’s one thing I know to be true about creating more money:  The more you love it, the more you will bring it to you.  The more you stand in resistance around it — the more you’ll repel it.

To say it “pays” to resolve your money blocks… well, we can take that quite literally, can’t we.

I know, you are thinking, “Hey Lori — that is easier said than done.”  And I agree with this:  If you’ve got money blocks or resistance of any kind — creating more money flow can seem almost impossible, but it doesn’t have to be.

You’ve got to lean into it.  Start someone.  Be willing to look at things differently.   And yes, step outside of your comfort zone.

Today I want to talk about a few money blocks, to create awareness and hopefully inspire you to make changes that get your juices flowing… and your money too.


So let’s go!

Seven Blocks to Creating Money

1.  Your beliefs + thoughts:  It’s easy for your beliefs and thoughts to run wild in that mind of yours, and remember it makes up what you are resonating, and what the Law of Attraction is responding to.   Stop in any moment and ask yourself if THAT is what you want to create?   It’s important to pay attention to where the balance of your thoughts lie.  Is it in fear and scarcity or love and abundance?

2. Self Worth:  Hear this with your heart.  Your self worth is not your net worth, but your self worth can certainly IMPACT your net worth. What do you believe about yourself that would affect attracting the wealth you desire and deserve?  You were BORN worthy and deserving.  It’s time to align with that.

3. Action Only Focus:  Yes, action in important when creating anything, including money — but it’s easy to get caught up in an “only nuts and bolts” focus.  Form follows energy — so when you put “form” first it’s an uphill battle.

4.  Inner Work Only Focus:  You meditate, journal and evolve yourself.  I give you a high 5 for tending to your energy first! However, you can’t sit in lotus position all day and wonder where your money is, or why you haven’t created cash flow.  You’ve got to keep your energy in alignment AND take action.  And hey, your actions are sometimes tied up with scarcity beliefs too… not taking action?  You might need a coach to help you work through what’s holding you back from moving forward.

5. Money Clutter:  Are your finances or money a red hot mess? Do you owe people you haven’t paid back? Have you borrowed anything and not returned it?  Are you ignoring your money fires or are you tending to them and shifting them?  Are you investing in the right things for your life and business or are you choosing to blow it at Starbucks and Target and wonder where it’s gone?  Are your finances in disarray, do you know what you’ve got?   I ask you these questions because I want you to LOVE money. Having money clutter repels it.

6. Money Clutching: Now, there is a flip side to unconscious spending, and that’s money clutching. You know exactly what I mean…afraid to spend, afraid you’ll make a mistake, afraid the walls are about to come crashing down around you. There need to be a sweet spot balance between cleaning up your money clutter, and clutching onto money for dear life.

7. Focus on GETTING: Here’s a tweak I want you to make.  Instead of focusing on “getting” more money, I’d like you to focus on flowing it and even more so on the giving.  Even more so on providing value to others for what you are doing to have money flow back to you.  I want you to feel so AWESOME about the gift and the value you provide that money is naturally attracted to your essence.

So — take this in.  See what resonates and DO something with it.  The biggest mistake people make in personal growth work is reading about something, feeling excited about it — but then for one reason or another (a block) don’t take action on it or put it to good use!