Got Naysayers? (6 ways to stay true to you + keep the glass half full)

You’ve got a dream.  It’s a really great dream.  You are inspired, you know it’s big. It almost seems unreachable, but somewhere in your heart you just know this is the direction to lean in.

If I got a good look at your insides, (with my intuitive vision)  I’d see you jumping up and down, mini-patty caking about what’s to come.

It feels so good to dream.  It feels so good to think and feel in ways that are lined up with your highest self and most exciting potentials.

It feels good be a powerful creator.

Bursting with joy, your call and text your people… your most trusted friends, family and supporters,
when all of a sudden… BAM –  you are unexpectedly up against THEIR doubts for YOUR life.

You feel deflated.  Uninspired.  Unsupported.
Disconnected.  You second guess yourself, and stand wondering if you should forge ahead.

The glass has never looked more empty than it does now.

Ever had that experience?  Of course you have.  It’s happened to me, to you, to all of us.   If I had a nickel for
every time one of my clients said, “Lori my family thinks I’m crazy for trying to do what I’m about to do”  I’d have a LOT of nickels.  🙂

The second question in that frustration is, “And how can I keep on keepin’ on, when they don’t get me, when I don’t have their support?  When now I have to deal with the limiting beliefs of others — much less the ones in my own head?  And lastly, what if they are right…and I am… wrong?”

So — what do you do about that?

How do you stay in alignment, keep focused on what you want to create, and keep your manifesting momentum up —  even in the presence of your loving naysayers?

ere’s a few tips for dealing with naysayin’:

1.  See LOVE:  First foremost, remember that your naysayers, your people,  love you. They want to protect you.  They want the best for you but are operating from their own fears which are projections.  You can choose to take those projections on, or not.  Love your lovin’ naysayers for good intentions, but choose to love you more.

2.  LOVE yourself in light of “mistakes.”  As you create your reality, you’ve got to be willing to “make mistakes” as your ego would judge it — and then be gentle with yourself, and come around to the knowing that there are no mistakes, only experiences.  You don’t have to fear screwing up, and making the naysayers right, because mistakes don’t exist.

3.  Assess your alignment with your dream.  Is it time to tell the world, or are you still marinating that manifestation… creating via your personal power and focused intent?  There a debate on this one.  Do you broadcast your intentions to the world, or do you allow them to gain power as you hold them within?  It depends on where you are at in your manifestation cycle, and if you feel “telling the world” will split your energy, and have you dipping into the fears of the masses, then feel through to determine when the time is right to tell your people.  You’ll know, it will feel grounded, and aligned — and you’ll will feel certain.  Your naysayers won’t have a chance and taking you off your chosen path.

4.  Be empowered.  It’s your responsibility to choose your focus, even in the face of naysayin’. What do you want to hold as your truth?  And who’s truth do you want to live by?

5.  Choose even more perspective.  If you going to operate from beliefs and  “limitations”, you might as well have them be yours. I say that with a little sarcasm, but it’s true.   When you take on the energy, fear, and projection of another you are unconsciously focused in a way that is WAY out of alignment with what your high self knows about you.  Remember again, another persons projections are not YOUR TRUTH, and have nothing to do with what you can create in your experience (unless you allow it).   If you’d like to choose a focusing partner — better to make it your high self, your inner being…. or a good coach! 🙂

6.  Release.  You know when you have gotten really good at creating your reality when you can allow others in their not allowing of you.  Essentially, you can choose to allow your lovin’ naysayers to think, feel, emote, believe, etc — and you can choose just allow them, even if they are disagreeing with you, or not supporting you.  Release the need to convince and persuade — and certainly any tendencies to be less than who you are.