On Manifesting Health

If you’ve ever felt “caught” with a physical or bodily desire or condition you’d like to shift – or you have a dream or desire for your body, tune in.

You know what I love about my body? I love that I have an experience of creation and manifestation through it. And I love that it’s the vehicle for the soul of me – while I’m on this earthly plane. Your body is the house YOU live in.

I love that so much of my deep self-love and appreciation is focused on my body. The food I eat, the motion I make, the gentleness I choose. (When I’ve not been gentle with me.) I love my eyes – and I love that they truly are the window to the soul. And if I look, I can almost see the LOVE I AM through them.

Bodies rock.

But, it’s not always perfect is it? That’s why manifesting health in your physical experience (whatever that means to you) is such a learning experience, and a process.

It’s pretty easy to be hard on yourself. To not love your soft tummy even though you’ve birthed 4 children via C-section (who me?), or to find what’s wrong and focus on that one thing you’re not pleased with.

It’s easy to focus on what’s not working – and in that very moment create more of what’s not working. Got pain? Focus on it and you’ll create more. Hate your body? You’ll create an experience that’s a match to hate.

Manifesting through your body can be tricky. How do you have a painful physical experience, and imagine it feeling healed? How do you feel thin when you aren’t?

You must walk through this gateway first – and that’s in loving your body. No matter what, you must love it and adore it. You might say you can’t – and I say you must.

Think about your body for a moment. What intentions do you have for it? Health? Healing? More muscle? Less weight? Softer skin? To feel energy? To have more positive thoughts joyfully flowing through your brain just because? To feel exhilaration?

Just know this. You can have all that. But it first starts with LOVE.

Today, I’m going to ask you to write a love letter to your body. Please, do not hold back. Go deep. This is about how you love your body NOW (with no conditions attached, like if you were fitter, healthier or in less pain – etc.)

I know this feels like one of the hardest. But it’s one of the most important. It’s from this place your body can actually attract what it needs, create the healing you want and allow your cells to align in the way you intend them.

Write: “To My Dear Beautiful Body, oh, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… ”

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