Prosperous Heart Mastermind.




If tapping into a deeper experience of becoming and conscious creation just feels right…

If you are looking to connect to a tribe of mindful manifesting goddesses + warriors who live and breathe this work…

If you not only feel nudged, but called to the expansion of a frequency + power that you’ve been longing for …

If you are ready to live the frequency, embrace the magic + you just know the time is right for you….

If activating gateways of higher consciousness feels like the next step of your journey…

I want to invite you to the next level.  <3

Not long after I created the Prosperous Heart program and teachings, I was called, with great certainty to teach + deepen this material to some of my closest private clients and group coaching students.

What has evolved is…. the Prosperous Heart Mastermind. 

It’s as wonderful as it sounds…. a soul family of powerful human spiritual beings who are ready to give as much as they receive, who are dedicated  and committed to the process of ongoing evolution, and who beyond any shadow of a doubt resonate with ever upspiraling frequencies of the Prosperous Heart Alignment Code as a way of living, being, manifesting and becoming.

As you can guess, I’m over the moon with excitement, as new synchronicities and processes unfold that I am so looking forward to sharing and integrating with you!  

My intention is to help you integrate and expand the frequency and philosophy of Prosperous Heart, and to truly live this work.

We will do this in 7 ways as we journey together!

Here’s how…..


Q:  What time will we meet?
A:  Prosperous Heart will commence on Mondays at 10am PST/ 12pm CST/ 1pm EST, and will be a mix of live streams + group zooms.
Heart Breath with take Wednesday mornings and Ignite the Frequency Fridays will occur on Friday mornings, both at 6am/8am/9am.   Both via post in our group.

Q: Will things be recorded if I miss sessions?
A:   Yes, always.

Q:   Can I get just as much out of this program if I ONLY watch recordings? 
A:    You can.  Especially if you are creating relationships + sharing + basking in the support and synergy of  our tribe.

Q:   Do the healing sessions “work” if I’m not there live? 
A;    While I love to have you there live if possible, you can totally tap into the energy while watching the replay.  TIME is a construct.  Everything is energy + it’s available to you when you arrive.  That goes the same for Wednesday Heart Breath +  Ignite the Frequency Fridays.  Live is GOOD don’t get me wrong.  But “later” is perfect when you can’t!

Q:  What do I need to participate?
A:   As always, an open heart and mind.  A string of mala/prayer beads is recommended, as is a journal.

Q:   I’m scared to commit to coaching that has “no end”.
A:   I take no prisoners, lol!  Yes, this is an ongoing group, with the focus of transformation, evolution + an unfolding of the highest consciousness.  And I’m looking to connect with those of you who KNOW I’m yours, and this group is the next step in your journey.   We come in clusters of soul family to this life experience, and along the way, you will find relationships + experiences + loves that are meant to expand you to your next level.

While I recommend at least a 6 month commitment, the “end” will come when you are ready, and that’s for you to know + feel.   Of course with anything, you get out what you put in….and lucky for us, sometimes that just means showing up to the space.  If you need guidance, ask me, happy to coach you on this because, let’s be honest… thy ego deserves to be relaxed + taken care of .  I’m all about it.

Q:  What’s the investment?
A:   Normally my higher end group coach programs at this level is $450 per month, or $2500 per 6 months, which is not based on hours or sessions but on the transformation it provides.   This is one of those programs.   However, because I’m re-calibrating both my programming + the unfolding the next steps of my divine purpose, I’m inviting you to this program at $200 per month for this particular snapshot in time, which is over 55% off.   I appreciate your love + trust in me as your coach, beyond words.  I’ll honor this rate for as long as you participate, and rates will change for this program in the near future.

Q:  Is there a guarantee?
A:   I guarantee, if you practice the Prosperous Heart Alignment Code, show up to the work, the group, and to YOURSELF…if you invest time, love, energy + attention… you’re life over time, will shift + transform.  And often times sooner than later.  🙂   At this level of coaching,   if you decide this group isn’t for you, just simply shoot me a note  to request completion.  If you are unsatisfied I’m happy refund your investment for your last month of participation.

And now the big question…

Q:  How do I really know this is right for me?
A:   Check your heart, you know.  Are you called?  Trust it!