Change Your Inner Rule Book (to play a bigger game)

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I’m sitting at the little league field a lot these days (again!).  It’s got me thinking about games….and a lot about the game of life, your inner game + how you choose to play.

As we drove to the park last week I said to my little guy (who already is way to hard on himself)  “You know sweetie — that over the fence home run that you love so much lives inside of you.  And getting there is more about seeing it in your minds eye –but most of all believing in yourself.  Oh ya… and have FUN.  More than anything else.  You’ll synch up with that moment in time where it happens.

A big-mini-lesson-pep talk for my 12 year old.  But he already knew that truth.  It isn’t too long ago that he “forgot it”, so bringing him back up to speed was easy.

(see below for the update…just 4 days later)

But on to us…who have been entrenched in our ways for 20, 30 40 or even 50 years.  Who yearn to break free from old thinking + untruths.  Who want to play a bigger game in LIFE.  Who want our inner game to hold a rulebook so freeing that success + results + prosperity + abundance is a natural by product of who we are.

So let’s talk for a bit about playing a bigger game.  And then I’ll let you get to it… there’s a big game today — and it’s called your life.

7 Ways to Change Your Inner Rule Book:

1.  Think up.  That’s means spiral up your thoughts.  What’s working?  What’s good about this?  How can this moment or situation benefit me?  How does this point me in the right direction? Where do I choose to go from here?  Big — what thought can I line up with right now — that is a match to my UNLIMITED potential?

2.  Believe in yourself.  Core + foundational work.  I’m 100% certain that it starts with your worth + lining up with the broader + more powerful part of you.  It’s time you line up with that power.  Stand in it.  And if you can’t quite get there, pretend.  (remember that top about your brain!)

3. See the value you bring to the world.  Play bigger here.  We tend to underestimate ourselves + what we OFFER.  What do you offer?  What’s your service? Your gift?  Your light?  How are you a life changer?  How do you make people’s life easier?  What solutions to you solve?  How do you make the world better?

4. Take risks.  I’m not asking you to leap over the canyon, but there is huge value in taking small leaps…everyday.  Emotional leaps, spiritual leaps, leaps in your relationships or business.  The question is:  What risk are you WILLING to take?

5.  Gut check.  Are you refusing the call?  There is a point in every hero’s/ heroines journey where they refuse “the call”.  The call is that part in your life’s journey where you are called to your personal quest — and it can be scary.  It’s very human to refuse that call…to not take action…to stay stuck because it’s safe.  Your first work::  be honest about your refusal + do something about it!  Your decision here — all in itself — sets you off on a new journey + a much bigger game.

6.  Ask for more.  If you’ve squelched your wanting in fear of not getting + thus feeling disappointment –it’s time to release that.  Get over it.  Allow yourself to want, and want big.  That means you can allow yourself to ASK for more.  More good, more sweetness, more business, more money, more passion + more desire.  You GET to want.  Born deserving in fact.

7.  The old standby:  THINK BIGGER.  Just do it.  You know, only you get to determine how big you’ll go, and ultimately how big of a game you’ll play.  What say you?


(UPDATE:  6/31/13…. HE NAILED THAT HOME RUN.   First one ever.   Over the fence + 50 feet!   He was beaming.)