The Power of Flowing First

I’m all for the notion that you need not “reinvent the wheel”.  It’s a belief that can serve you, with the right spin.

But usually —  along with that belief comes the thought — “I’ve got to be like them” to be successful”  or ” If I just do what they do….I’ll make it! ”

If you’ve ever spent hours surfing the net to see what others are doing in hopes of applying that to “your thing” and then not getting anywhere — don’t despair, you’re not the only one.

We’ve all been there…comparing your project to theirs, wondering if they are as successful as they look + wondering what they’re doing that you’re not.

The all-to-well-known-head-spin.

It’s consuming. It depreciates your brilliance. And to be really truthful — takes you completely away from tuning in and following your unique + miraculous path.  Yes, the one that is being laid out before you…in response to your deepest intentions for abundance.

Here’s one scenario…just for fun.

You wake up, restless.  It’s 2am.  Business, sales + opportunity is not coming your way.  You’re worried…about everything.  Triggered.

You go on a mission – in search of SOMETHING.

You’re over stimulated, overtired + overworked. You come across at least 12 competitors that seem to be doing better than you are, grossly.

You analyze, figure + compare… you can’t quite figure out their formula.  You come up on the short end of the stick feeling like a failure…you wonder if you’re efforts will ever take hold.  Sigh.  Back to bed.  Frenzy unsuccessful.

It’s moments like these you cut yourself off at the most enlightened source OF your inner guidance, intuition + the business blessing synchronicities that light the path.

Yep.  One of the biggest blocks to creating more success is trying to figure it out before flowing it out.

And I’m not saying you don’t need a strategy, a plan, the support of your people, or to seek for inspiration + ideas from the world around you …. I’m just asking you to flow first.

The figuring, the action steps, the checklists of to do’s, will fall into place… the way it should.  And — it will be better than you could expect.  Better than you could make up.  Most of the time you’re given exactly what you need.

So if I were you, I’d be asking — “Hey Lori, so what’s the secret recipe for getting in the flow? I want some of THAT!”. 

Well, for starters….

1.  Meditate.  Mediators report more synchronicity + effortlessness in life…and that equals flow.

2.  Track.  Most don’t keep track of what’s working, what’s unraveling + the strings of events that are coming together.  We miss them, and miss the interconnectedness of them.

3.  Revel.  To revel in the miraculous has more power than I can even describe in words… practice the art of reveling.

4.  Align.  Do your own alignment work… are you clearing beliefs that hold you back?  Are you choosing thoughts that are in alignment with your limitless?  Are you deepening your relationship with yourself?  Are you deepening your relationship with your BUSINESS?  (It wants to love you back!)

5.  Connect.  To your broadest, highest self.  To your inner being. To the support of your non-physical team.  Maintain it, expand it, evolve it…. nothing better than creating WITH them.

6.  Develop your intuition. And when you do — the impact on your life + business will rock your world.

6.  Take action.  Correction…take inspired action…move energy.  Experiment.  Step out of fear + when something needs “doing” then DO.  Ok…and now…take “gateway action”. That’s action that’s not yet quite inspired but leads to it.  🙂

7.  Respect the manifestation cycle — BE. DO. HAVE.  What step are you missing?  It’s time to “BE” — more often than not.  The rest… will follow.  Trust that.

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