Power of NOW

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The NOW. The most powerful place you can be. Why? Because you resonate here.

You truly can’t vibrate in the future, or in the past. All you’re creating comes from what you are vibrating now.

Sure, you can think about the past, and visualize the future, and bring that focus to the now with your powerful thoughts, (which will either support your dreams and your intentions or detract from them).

How much time do you focus on the past or in the future? Stop what you’re doing for a second. Take a look at your life, and be honest about where you spend your time.

Trying to fix the past, or agonizing over it only creates more of that. I’m not here to say that being in gratitude for what was, or visualizing your most awesome future doesn’t hold great power – it certainly does, and that’s part of any good LOA program.

However, I’m someone who can spend so much time in her juicy future I miss out on just being. I miss out on divine nudges of inspired action that by the way only happens in the NOW. I’ve missed opportunities, I’ve missed experiences. I’ve missed beauty that was right in front of my face – because I wasn’t in the now.

Am I beating myself up? Nope. I’m a dreamer and I know it. But, I do choose to get in this very present moment, love my now, and tend to my vibration and my energy as often as I can. Because I know that’s where my power is. Truth be told, you are most magnetic right NOW!

There’s this concept called “innocent perception” that brings you into the now in a half a second. It’s a shift, and a choice.

If you were to look through your life in this moment – through the eyes of a child – through the eyes of Source, what would you see in this red hot moment?

What’s here, right now? What can you love about this moment right now? How can you be present with this moment and detach from ALL judgment in this very now?

How can you, in this very moment, look through the eyes of Source, upon yourself, your people, and this earth?

This is called “innocent perception.” And when you’re here, you’re choosing the now.

Let’s do this today.

Focus, right here, right now! What do you notice? What lights you up? What excites you right now? Let the energy take you. Enjoy your people. Bake a cake. Stop rushing off. Be present. Listen. Pet the cat. Just notice your life vs. judging it. Choose love’s loving eyes.

Write: “What I notice right NOW as I look at my life, as if through the eyes of a child is… XYZ.”

Today’s video, truly one of my favorite’s during this journey, and demonstrates the power of being in the now and innocent perception.

Watch the video: