The Present is OHHHH So Perfect!

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“The place you are right now God circled on a map for you” -Ibraham Hafiz

Today, be in love with the present, and know it’s perfect. It’s an operating system that will serve you. And one you’ll want to “install” into your set of beliefs as quickly as you can (if you haven’t already)!

This very present moment – isn’t anything it shouldn’t be. It can’t NOT be. You are exactly where you are, where you should be, and where you’re going from here is just another perfect opportunity to shift your thoughts, emotions and vibration.

It’s true. Even if you don’t currently “like” your situation, the Universe is in perfect balance. Mirroring back to you the energy and emotion you’re resonating. There are no Universal flaws, it is a perfect beautiful mirror. As within, so without.

The present is perfect. There is a gift in everything, in every moment – the choice is yours to see it and to resonate with it.

Did you know, all your power exists in the now? This moment is divine perfection. It holds in it the possibility of your forward motion and the expansion of your spirit.

Below, write just one way your present is perfect, and what the gift is to you and your life experience.

Today, I want you to acknowledge, and find at least one beautiful way the PRESENT IS PERFECT. No matter what. Your Inner Being believes this, and basks in this 100% of the time. And you should too.

If you looked through the eyes of your Inner Being for just a moment, what would he/she see – that is PERFECT in this very moment? In your current life situation?

Write this: “The present is perfect because XYZ…” Continue to find proof that the present is indeed perfect. And write it in your journal.


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