Life Coaching Programs

life coaching programs

Align Your Money Vibe

Law of Attraction Lovers, Reality Creators + Spiritual Entrepreneurs…. it’s time to whip your money vibe into the shape it was born to be in.

This is for you ~ (whether you have trillions or not) if you want to create, attract + flow more money into your life because you can.   Because it’s fun + you’re a conscious creator.  And because you’d like more “money clay” to play with.


  • clear the 7 biggest blocks that stand between you + money
  • learn how to quit being an unintentional  dam in your own flow of abundance
  • align yourself with more prosperity so you can experience more freedom, create more choices +  have more financial security in your life.
  • learn how to THINK in a way that aligns you with more money
  • allow my energy work + hypnotherapy to do the heavy lifting…shift + clear old money frequencies that don’t serve you.

So come along.   I promise, you’ll walk away feeling on the spot richer for having done so.

life coaching programs

Wake Up Love

There is a very specific, very powerful reason that I have my clients immerse themselves in authentic self love.   What does that look like?  How can I do that?  What’s it feel like?  How will it change my life?  Well come to this class, find out and begin a journey of coming home to YOU.  It’s time.

Collectively we’ve been taught to put others first, to snuff out our own needs, and to seek approval from others.  Unfortunately this has caused us…you…to live disconnected, unhappy and from a place of scarcity consciousness.

Well, I say ENOUGH.  It’s time to Wake. Up. Love.  It’s who you are.

Wake Up Love is a program for people who know that LOVE is key to creating what you want, becoming who you are + desire a deliberate plan to turn your smoldering light into a torch to be reckoned with.


  • Create deep dive contentment within yourself.
  • Release the beast of  harsh + cyclic  self criticism.
  • Cease the stuffing your precious voice + sacred truth.
  • Release the life deafening lie of “I’m Not Enough”.
  • GET that you matter, in your gut – no matter what “they” say…
  • Breathe undeniable truth, certainty and purpose into your life.
  • Learn to hear and honor your intuition, every time.
  • Break free of  the silent cuffs of  “approval addiction”.
  • Become masterfully magnetic to soul mates, soul sisters + brothers.
  • Create + attract blissed-out- unconditional-lovin’ relationships.

life coaching programsThe Butterfly Experiment ~ Guided Group Journey

What if, 30 days from now, you looked back on your life…stood in awe of the momentum you created,  the transformation you experienced, and the possibilities that now exist?

A long time ago I set a BIG intention —  to teach you exactly how to manifest, and answer the question that so often lands in my inbox, and that’s — “Lori, how do I manifest xyz?”   (Fill in the blank — Wealth, luck, joy.  Inner peace. Love.)

Well, through a series of synchronistic events, I was literally given the way:  The Butterfly Experiment.

You see, “The Butterfly Experiment”,  is an experiential journey in manifestation, and it’s through this group, I’ll personally be your guide.

You’ll literally ignite the flow of manifestation in your life.  And here’s the kicker, you can’t help but personally transform your SELF through this process.

I’ve said it, time and time again…YOU are the butterfly.

life coaching programsThe Life Mastery Course

If you are tired of quick fixes and short-term-joy-results, then I invite you to check out The Life Mastery Course.   The foundation of this course lies in 7 simple steps that you consciously live life through.

These steps are non-linear, circular, and you will find they will breathe WITH your life, no matter where you are, what you are doing, and who you are becoming.

The journey of creating yourselves and creating your life doesn’t stop when you “get the philosophy down”.

You must live it, love it  and allow the process to expand YOU.  If you are ready to embrace a system that you can carry you through ’til the end – this is the one.

Wondering what those 7 steps are?  Here they are:

1.  Create Rock Solid Foundation
2.  Live From Beautifully Aligned Intentions
3.  Create A Spiritual + Emotional Vacuum
4.  Detach from Outcome + Trust + Release
5.  Revel + Create Synchronicity
6.  Take + Create Inspired Action
7.  Reset Your Cycle of Manifestation

Life is your dance partner, and she’s coming across the floor for yet another waltz.

Are you ready?