Project Unconditional Love – Part 1

I want you to consider, deeming your life – in this moment – Project Unconditional Love.

If you did just that ~ and committed to a life of true unconditional love, life would dramatically change.

Your energy would change.  Your self worth would change.  Deep rooted beliefs that muck up your life experience would go away, and what you’d attract to your life would change.

Let’s be honest.  We could all use a little work in this area…whether we’re talking about loving thyself, loving others, or living from a place of “unconditional”.

You see — conditions are draining.  Down right exhausting.  And while I of course wouldn’t tell you to tolerate abuse or mistreatment by another human being (yes disclaimer, there are deal breakers in relationships), there are those conditions we hold for ourselves and others around true, authentic and unconditional LOVE.

You see…you’ve got an ego.  You were born with one.  It’s your ego’s job to protect you, and most of the time your beautiful ego does a pretty good job, sometimes (ok many times)  over does it…resulting in conditions, and A LOT of them.

What is so fascinating to me is that we literally live these from these conditions, when most of the time they are pointless.   Yes… “All You Need Is Love” was life altering song for a reason.

So, get inside your chattering head for a moment…and be honest.

Have you heard anything that resembles:

(about them)

–  When you xyz, then I’ll love you.
–  When you show me that you can xyz, then you’ll be worthy of my love
–  When you rectify what’s you’ve done…I’ll think about letting you back into my heart.
–  If  you suffer for a few years after your xyz bad behavior, then I’ll try loving you again.
–  If you’re willing to change who you are, and what you think, then I’ll love you.
–  If behave, you’re in.  If you don’t, you’re not.
–  If you are considering hurting me (which you probably are), you’ll be out of luck.

(now about you)

–  If I lose 20 pounds, I’ll then love me.
–  If I prove that other’s love me…then I’ll love me.
–  If I can get approval from other’s about my ideas…then I must be lovable, and I’ll think about it.
–  I would try to love me — but I can’t erase the years of unloving by my parents.
–  I love me…don’t I?  Don’t I?
–  I’m scared to love me, because if I do — I might not be able to uphold all my BELIEFS about how horrible and unworthy I am.  Then what would I do all day? 🙂
–  If I love me that might mean I have to do something miraculous, and stand in my power.
–  Loving yourself is really stupid isn’t it?  Nothing to do with happiness or success.

So, those are some examples of some of the head trash and beliefs that run rampant in your subconscious.  I’m sure there are millions of possibilities because thoughts have COUSINS — and they like to get together for family reunions and hold those bonds and ties in place, which in turn solidify your “reality”.

Now, I say this from a place of complete “I’m- working-on-it-too-ness”  (always and forever), but the truth is, there is always room to grow, always room for more awareness, and always room for expansion in this area.

I’d like you to consider a few questions:

Where in your life have you placed conditions on yourself, or others — for LOVE?

For acceptance?

Who are those people, and what are the love rules you’ve created?

What love rules have you created for yourself?

Can you love someone in the face of them not being “lovable” based on the conditions you’ve got?

Can you love yourself in light of the current conditions you’ve got on self?

Are you willing to start to change the conditions — and start loving unconditionally in the face of those conditions?

Now click here for  Project Unconditional Love part 2…and I’ll be offering you a few more points to consider — and powerful perspectives to live from.

Love to you!!