Project Unconditional Love – Part 2

In part 1 of this little series I asked you to deem your life “Project Unconditional Love”.

Here’s a piece of truth.  Even if you did this (shifted to an operating system of unconditional love for self and others!) for ONE DAY, you would see a dramatic shift in the quality of your life and moment, and you’d find yourself creating more of the life experience you WANT, practically on the spot.

Energy and experience can shift that quickly.

You see, we are all craving connection to the light that we are.  We all want to feel good.  We all want to be powerful creators — and that starts with unwavering unconditional love.  ( I love the word unconditional, but I really love the word unwavering)

I asked you to consider some questions, questions that would offer perspective on not just how you think, but how you choose to live.

You see, what you think and believe is not always a match to how you react, respond, or behave.

Sheesh!  We can be complicated!

For example you might totally be in alignment with the concept of unconditional love, but forget to practice it, live it, and forget that’s what you’ve chosen.

For all practical purposes we have conditions to protect ourselves from others, and even from ourselves.  That need for protection often times comes first, even if it’s not rational.

Now remember, this journey is as much about creating YOURSELF as anything — so staying conscious is key – as is making a deliberate, moment to moment choice to love yourself and others unconditionally.

Remember, thoughts have COUSINS – and they like to get together for family reunions and hold those bonds and ties in place, which in turn solidify your “reality”.

To re-create your experience, and re-create your reality, you’ve got to consciously change your “come from”, and consciously start to live it.

Take “Project Unconditional Love” to the next level

Now, let’s do it.  Start here:

1.  Get what unconditional really means.

In my world – unconditional means, loving no matter what. Without expectation, judgment, and full acceptance of what is.  It’s a choice to separate the “stuff” of life and personality, from the awe inspiring truth of who you are, or who someone else is.   All in the same breath knowing you can choose to not like a behavior, but love a human being.  Including yourself.

2.  Be willing to start where it matters.

I won’t go on and on here… it’s starts with you.  It’s time to get real about the conditions you hold for yourself about loving you, or being loved — and shift them.

3.   Stop perpetuating conditions.

Now, once you’ve shifted your thoughts, the rules and the conditions — you’ve got to make a conscious choice to stop perpetuating those very conditions.  We’ve got brains and they are wired.  Unconsciously you will fall back on your wiring, and  find yourself perpetuating conditional love once again. It’s a natural defense mechanism, so stay consciously choosing how you want to live.

4.   Quit seeking approval. 

When you seek approval (and we all do somewhere) know your seeking fulfillment of the conditions you’ve got on yourself, and projecting that need on to others.  To be loved and get love.  To be accepted.  To be “ok”.  To be validated.  Consciously quite seeking approval, and validate and approve of yourself unconditionally.  Even your mistakes, your shortcomings, failures can be lovable and learned from.

5.  Look through rose colored classes.

Take a look at life, self and others through rose colored glasses.  Just do it for one day.  Look for the best in everything and everyone, stop assuming the worst, and give the benefit of the doubt.  You can lean in the direction of unconditional love and acceptance through this very exercise.

6.  Take off the rose colored glasses.

Now, take off your beautiful rose colored glasses and see what is.  That’s all, just see what is.  Notice your experience, notice uniqueness, notice the quirks of life.  Make a choice to be a gentle observer versus the harsh critic.  Make a habit of understanding, accept what is, and without the rose colored glasses choose to love anyway.  The more you lean into unconditional love, the more you’ll create unconditional habits.

7.  Live + let live.

Unconditional love can be summed up in a few words — but now let’s add a dash of “live and let live”.  You might think the world could blow up if you don’t, but trust me — happiness is not created via friction, judgment or righteousness.  It’s created through acceptance and connection, and a willingness to see and feel love and truth despite of what’s in front of you, despite what you think “is”.