Prosperity In Forgiveness

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Let me start with this. Forgiveness is a choice. It may not feel that way, but it is.

All of us, at some point in our lives have felt the confusion that comes from feeling that we have been wronged or betrayed in some way.

Not only do you wonder what’s going on in them, you wonder what may be wrong with you. Have I deserved such treatment? Am I just completely naive? How did I create this? The inner chatter goes on.

Sometimes your work is about forgiving yourself, too. All the times you’ve broken promises to yourself, all the self-hatred, all the playing small. It needs releasing.

Either way, forgiveness is a major piece of the puzzle as we look to what it takes to create an abundant life, filled with joy.

Why? Feel into it.

Unforgiveness is a match to fear and scarcity.

Forgiveness, on the other and is a match to love and prosperity.

And you know by now, that when you line up with LOVE and you line up with the love you are, you stand in your most powerful shoes as a creator.

Now, that doesn’t mean forgive because you think it will bring you a million bucks. Go bigger than rectangle green pieces of paper. Forgive because it’s your work. Because it brings you closer to who it is you are. Because you want no single person or event to hold power over you, ever. And because it doesn’t serve you to hold resentment any longer.

Here’s what you need to know. The state of forgiveness is the absence of anger, blame, judgment and resentment, and that’s a match to creating anything you desire.

Today – name one thing you’ll choose to forgive and why. Start small if you need to. Byron Katie says, “Life happens for you, not to you.” And she’s right.

If everything has happened for you, with the intention of your growth and greater good, would it be easier to let go? Would it be easier to see the big picture? Would it be easier to see this work as your very next, most crucial step in creating YOU? (And from this all manifestations flow.)

(PS. If you have the question – forgiving does NOT mean tolerate, accept or stay in toxic relationships that are harmful to you.)


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