Prosperous Heart.




My guess is you’ve stumbled upon this page + my work because you, like so many others in our spiritual community, have come to know a very pointed inner desire to stand in your power + create your life and reality with immense intention.  

And of course…to live joyfully in prosperity, as YOU define it.

In fact….

You know it’s possible.

You’ve seen the proof.

You’ve experienced the power of manifesting.

You have been tuned into magic….

AND you have found yourself standing in awe of what’s possible.

However, like most beautiful human beings… you find yourself wobbling to create consistent results, or a “come from” that truly allows you manifest with ease + certainty.

Maybe you find yourself questioning… I am doing this right?   Am I screwing this up?

And thinking thoughts like —  “I should know better.  I’ve been working on this thing called manifesting for such a long time… ”

Maybe you even… in those dark and challenging moments think — “THIS stuff  does not work.”

Well, I promise you it does…

And you’re on the right track, 100%.

Our paths have crossed for a reason…. and I have no doubt we are of the same soul tribe.

That soul tribe of seekers that wants to live + create + stand in our brilliance.

That soul tribe that wants to crack the code to our happiness + our prosperity.

I run my work + my business on integrity, spiritual inspiration + downloads from higher consciousness.

And for all the years I have done this… I teach what I learn, and I teach what I am offered via divine guidance.

As I unlock the secrets of this Universe as a conscious creator myself… I give them to you.

This past year has been a year of awakening in many ways for my clients AND myself.  😉

And the program you are about to embark upon if you choose is a reflection of the magic, the alignment + the manifesting + healing system I’ve created to help you create the life you desire.

Yes – all of my work is rooted in this philosophy, and under the umbrella of many of my teachings… BUT the upleveling has brought me to another sacred place.

And you, are invited to join me, I’d be honored.

It’s called ….. Prosperous Heart.  

I believe, there is an infinite point of consciousness that exists within the center of your being…which is the intersection between YOU and the DIVINE.

And I believe, that this divine intersection is not only where you become ONE with your Higher Power… but I also believe it holds the keys to unlock your prosperity, your limitless potential, and your JOY.

I believe that you, as a conscious creator have the power to ignite that sacred magnetic frequency… on purpose.

This, is your sacred magnetic center.  It’s a sacred point within your energetic heart.  It’s an infinite doorway to your highest consciousness.

We get glimmers of it, it’s glorious!

When you are in “alignment”…and manifesting like a rock star,  it’s because your magnetic center is shining like a brilliant star.

And when you are here, the Universe responds to your vibration in a different way.

Because this space is one of FREQUENCY… we must learn + experience this work in two ways.

  1.  Teaching
  2.  Energy work/healing

In this core Prosperous Heart workshop, I’ll be doing both.

So that you can know + feel.  So that you can experience + heal.

The Prosperous Heart Alignment Code….

It’s the crux of the teachings during our 1/2 day deep dive workshop, and while I’m holding the details sacred until you arrive….

Yes — the teaching of this “sacred manifesting stack” as I call them,  will be delivered quickly and on point…and highly tapped in.

You will catch the vibe and together we’ll flow.

You will not only click IN with the knowledge, but you will have a feeling of remembering this frequency and your ancient power as a creator….

It will bring you back… way back 😉   and then launch your forward.

You’ll take a book of notes + while in the same moment understanding that this energy is like a fabric of concepts that must be woven together a certain order + in a certain way.

And now?    You have a brilliantly lit path to put it into play, daily.

And when we do that, alignment MUST be.

For some of you, you’ve experienced some of my “manifesting stacks” before, as applied to different teachings + subjects + I will continue to do so.

A “manifesting stack” is a pointed philosophy geared to help you experience or practice the teachings… in a certain way, usually given to me by spirit, epiphany style.

How is this different?

This is the Prosperous Heart  Alignment Code. 

It’s main purpose is to help you ignite your magnetic heart and center and give you a sure fire formula for living your most prosperous life, for your WHOLE life.

It’s a code.  It’s a method.  It’s an operating system.  And it’s magical.

A bit about me.

I’ve been coaching visionaries, creatives, possibilitarians and conscious creators for just over 20 years and have immersed myself in the study + research of conscious creation, manifesting, success + transformation.

I’ve got a master’s degree in counseling and grateful for the depth of my “training” in this profession, which allowed me to develop perspectives + skill I needed for you today.  The U provided.

I am a Master level energy healer as well, a study I found imperative to learn how consciousness worked.  How creating your reality worked.  Because energy is energy.   A unique freqency was revealed to me this last year after many years of tapping in.  😉  That’s what you’ll get in Prosperous Heart.

I’ve had amazing coaches and mentors through my life time….from professors through my Masters program, to mentors who have taught me energy + healing, to business coaches and even my parents and grandparents were phenomenal mentors in so many ways.

I  call myself a transformational coach because I use all the tools available from these 20 years of study, mentoring and coaching clients to help you create the life you want to live.

I’m the creator of The Manifestation 100, mommy of 4 beautiful souls…I’m a down to earth gal  who treasures family, and sunsets…I’m in love with transformation, expansion + helping you create prosperity on all levels of your life.


So…. would be it ok if I had a conversation with your MIND for a second?

(You know, that part of you that protects you, that makes sure you are tuned in to all the reasons why we shouldn’t do this or that, and that part of you that wants to keep you comfortable… and also that part of you that resists change … and that part of you that doesn’t want to give up control with what you know is true, or what you perceive is true?)

I promise I’ll be gentle, and nice 😉 !

If so, read on.  If no, skip on over this little section.  This is only for Minds that want to know!

Here I go.

Dear Beautiful Mind…. 

First thing I want you to know is that you are valued and honored here.  In my work, and in all the teachings I offer.

YOU are such an important part of this life experience.  In fact… we couldn’t do it without you, you know?

You provide focus, and clarity and you keep us safe when we need it.

And it’s through YOU that we feel and experience this amazing full range of human emotion…

Most importantly, it’s because of  YOU we can focus.  That means — because of YOU we have the power to visualize.  To want .  To desire.  To DREAM.

What a gift you are.

I want to help you get back to doing what you do BEST.  

Are you game?   We need you!

And we’ll take good care of you.  You’re work will not go forgotten and I honor the divine gift you are.

As we embark on a journey of Prosperous Heart,  your job will become easier.

Does that sound good?  IT’s time to breathe easy beautiful Mind.

It’s time to get the heart and mind working together, doing each what they do best!

You will be delighted!

Sacred reasons to come? 

  1.  Come if you want to stand in your power through the alignment of your magnetic heart center.
  2.   Come if you want a system, a code, a frequency that you can open to every single day.
  3.   Come if you want you want to down and dirty code to prosperity consciousness in totality.
  4.   Come if you want to just make conscious creation easier, and give that beautiful mind a break from figuring it out!
  5.    Come if you want your heart to be healed.  First by me, and then ongoing by you when you live the work.
  6.    Come if you like getting everything you need in ONE go…versus over the course of 6 months to a year…the how will be delivered.

Do you have questions?   I’d be happy to answer them.


Q:   When will we meet? 
A:   We will meet for one 3 hour deep dive workshop online is a private Prosperous Heart  Facebook group.

Q:  How will the healing sessions be offered? 
A:   Via live stream in our group.  We will meet for a minimum of 3 healing sessions that will be geared to increasing the frequency of YOU, your magnetic center, the spaces that I tend to behind the scenes and anything else you would like healed.

Q:  When is the 1/2 day workshop date? 
A:   Saturday,November 3, 2019  9am-12pm CST

Q:   When are the healings sessions?
They will be announced in our private Facebook group asap.

Q:  I want to bring a friend, do they have to pay? 
A:   Yes, please,  in the spirit of fair exchange + being in alignment with that.

Q:  I am a coach, can I use this material for training and use in my practice? 
A:   No, not at this time.  This system is copyright + it is for personal use only, at this time.

Q:  Will sessions be recorded? 
A:   Sessions will be recorded, of course!   Join us live or on the replay.

Here’s two ways to enroll….

I’m offering 2 payment options for you to choose, one is full pay, and one is a payment plan.

In the future this course will be $1297, but today I’m offering it at 50% off at  $597, with the option of a payment plan.

The value you of this work is priceless, and worth 20 years of work in the field of transformation, energy work + conscious creation.

Just click the link below, and you will be able to choose your enrollment option… either a 1x payment option, or a 2x payment option if you prefer.

Is there a guarantee?  

YES!  If you decide that the program just wasn’t your thing, I’m am happy to offer a refund to up to 100 days after the program.