How To Pull Up Your Bootstraps (and get what you want!)

You may or may not appreciate this right now… (so at the risk of sounding potentially un-sweet)…for goodness sake,  pull up your bootstraps.

There is nothing you can not be, do or have.  Everything you need, exists within you….right now.

Why I am telling you this?  Because I say it to MYSELF.  And it works.  It’s tough love at it’s best, but I need to hear it.

 It’s my internal kick in the pants that reminds me that I’m capable of great things, worthy of it all, and I’m limitless.

My ego likes to get the best of me, like yours does.

Whispering lies like, “Hey, this probably won’t work out, so what’s the point?”

Or… “You know…they’ll think you’re crazy, right?”

So. Reach down, pull those boots on and lace those babies to the the top.  YOU were made for movement, and it starts with the first step.

You’ve got creating to do, and an awesome life to live.

You’ve got a calling.  You’ve got lives to  change.  You’ve got a purpose…and we’re all waiting for you to SHOW up.

Will you put your own fears aside to serve others?  To experience your own greatness?

Pull up your bootstraps baby… you’re bootstrappin’ greatness.  And the world needs YOU.

Need a little more?  Here’s some official tips!

1.  Dig Deep:  Take a deep breath…and connect to the place that houses your WORTH.  Allow yourself to go there…. and now remember why you started.  Lead with your vision.

2.  Get Creative:  You know…anything is possible.  No matter what.  Sometimes however… you need to infuse your life + your thoughts with a little creativity.  What’s possible?  How could I do it different?  How could I pull this off?  What can I experiment with?  ALLOW yourself to play here.

3.  Be Committed:  Nothing like pulling up your bootstraps with a heavy dose of personal commitment leading the way.  “I’m DOING this thing…. let’s go.”   It’s determination fueled by love.

4.  More Willingness:  What are you willing to do, to make your dream a reality?  Who are you willing to be?  What are you willing to let go of?  What fear are you willing to release?  What thoughts are you willing to choose?

5.  Fail.  While I don’t believe in “failure” — our ego’s do.  And I encourage you to fail a lot.  Because that means you’re experimenting.  That means your being creative.  That means your playing with life.  And, there is no failure in that.  But when you’re pulling up your bootstraps, you’ve got to be willing to have a few “failures” along the way.

6.  Choose limitlessness.   Limitlessness can be scary.  Especially for ego’s…it feels like a free fall into nothingness. But here’s the thing. You’ve got to keep the truth of your limitlessness in front of you… there is nothing you can’t not be or do or have.  It’s bootstrappin’ at it’s best.

7. Honor You.  So, the above represents your “come from”.  It’s hard to pull up your bootstraps if you’re not taking care of you. So let’s not forget about honoring the physical aspect of who you are.  So — get enough sleep.  Eat well.  Nourish your mind, body + spirit.   Get a coach 😉

Pulling up your bootstraps makes you MAGNETIC to all that you’re dreaming of… so go for it + don’t look back.

love to you!