Rivers of Momentum ~ 4 Ways to Flow It!

When I was a little girl I would stick my toes in the little creek that ran near our house, and quietly watch the cool flow  meander over my feet, around the rocks ahead, and then bend and turn with the land.  And it always kept going, kept flowing.  It trickled and sang to me — on many levels.

And I noticed, everything is moving.  Everything.

Now, while I don’t have a creek near my house today, and I’m not frolicking  to dangle my toes in on hot summer days… I still have that creek…but it’s running through ME. 

It’s called my river of life.  The energy still flows, like the water — around my toes (my life)… around the rocks (my obstacles) and it bends with the land (my endless opportunity).

The flow never stops…the momentum never fades.  The only thing that changes is what I believe. And if I believe I’m stuck and motionless… I am.  The river of life appears to come to a halt…but does it really?

No. It’s moving.  Always.  A body in motion tends to stay in motion.  And this “body” is life. 

So let’s talk about this… creating more momentum. Once you are in a place that has less than you like — what can you do?

Here’s a few points to ponder:

1. Change your perception.   Know this, you ARE moving.  And so is life.  A feeling of being stuck is just a perception, and the best way to shift that perception is to notice where your life is in motion.  Just notice the water is flowing between your toes, around the rocks + bending with the land.  Look at your life, be present + notice what’s working + flowing.

2.  Allow the energy to take you.  Abraham Hicks says this… “allow the energy to take you.”  That means point yourself in direction of flow with your thoughts…and just relax into it.  Allow thoughts of possibility + abundance to FLOOD you.  Imagine letting abundance carry you.   And the biggest part of this?  Trust…trust it will take you to where you want to go + to the experiences that you must have in order to get there.    Allow the energy to take you, and keep your mind on what’s working.

3.  Take daily consistent action.  While I give a lot of attention to the emotional journey + energy — you’ve got to take daily, consistent, aligned action to create the momentum you are so badly craving.  Action can be a doorway to creating more belief in yourself…and action is energy in motion.

Side bar:   Life will present you with gobs of opportunity — are you exploring?  Are you taking advantage of opportunity?  Are you willing to entertain what’s in your lap right now?

4.  Momentum, loves… If I personified momentum, she herself is unending flowing river…but she thrives in your life when you choose EASE + APPRECIATION + ENTHUSIASM + SPONTANEITY + when you, yourself become a possibilitarian. And when you yourself make choices to align with LOVE + your highest self.

So, here’s the thing…if you’d like more momentum in your life — just do these things, OK?!   You may think, “easier said than done, Lori!”  Perhaps…but are you willing to take the first step?

You choose.  Nothing you can’t not be, do or have.  And Momentum, has been waiting for you to arrive.