How to Say YES to the Universe

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Just in case you doubt your purpose or yourself, don’t – we need you. The world needs you. We all need YOU to show up, and create your dreams – because you’ll make the world a better place. On all levels. So, just in case you missed the memo today – you, and your work, MATTER!

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about showing up. In fact, it’s your work for the day.

And, I’m not talking about doing work you don’t want to do, I’m talking about being present to your dream, to your vision and to your purpose and mindfully taking action. Stepping just outside your comfort zone, enough to stretch you and create motion in your world.

The two major things that hold you back from “showing up” are fear or a disbelief in yourself.

Are you willing to set those things aside, or even better – think thoughts that serve you – so you can start SHOWING UP for your mission here on this planet?

Feel through this. What might it look like?

Look: others’ lives can’t be touched by yours unless you’re willing to get your of your own way.

Tune in. There is a phone call that needs to be made, right now that you’ve been putting off way to long. And an email to send. Someone you’ve been thinking about having lunch with is thinking the same thing – so reach out to them.

When you start showing up to the big dream, from a place of service – you are saying YES to the Universe. Yes, this is what I want. Yes, this is my commitment. Yes, this will do just fine. Yes, I’ll take more of this please. Yes, I’m in alignment with my purpose. YES! This feels good! Yes! Here’s the vision! I’m standing in it! I AM IT!

Here’s the exercise for today. Sit quietly for a moment, get in touch with your heart center, and ask yourself, “What am I willing to do today – one small, medium, or massive action step that aligns with my purpose? To the world? How will I choose to SHOW UP? You get to ask and choose. From a powerful place of love, no doubt.

Write how you’ll be showing up. This is about making a promise to you, and thus the world.

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