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You might be one of the millions of people that have seen 1111 sprinkled throughout their life experience.

You look at the clock and it’s 11:11. You notice that you just paid $11.11 for the groceries you just bought, and your new accountant’s address is 1111 Miracles Drive.

The phone rings at the perfect time, or you are saved by the bell. Parking spaces show up. Butterflies abound.

You know that yellow tiger swallowtail flew in front of you for a deeper reason; you just KNOW it.

You run into people you haven’t seen in years, a book falls off the shelf; you wake from a dream with a knowing of which way to go, you have signs upon signs upon signs that range from songs on the radio to license plates on cars – that give you hints on which way to go in your life.

Weird? Yes, it sure is. Fun, delightful and magical? It’s all of that, and more.

No matter how synchronicity shows itself I know one thing. It’s real. It’s relevant. And there are no coincidences.

What does it feel like?

It feels like time literally stops. Like you’re standing in a space of divine grace.

Or like you just received a wakeup call from the Universe. You might get the chills, have a knowingness, feel loved and supported or just feel mere AWE for what unraveled before you.

You know, it serves a powerful purpose in your life, it guides you and lights your path if you let it.

And the more you stand in awe, the more you revel, the more the path shows itself. And the more synchronicity you attract to your life. (What you focus on grows!)

Notice that “REVEL IN SYNCHRONICITY” is Step 5 of your Daily Manifesting Routine. Notice, that I ask everyone to post their synchronicities on the group….and we’ve got Synchronicity Sunday.

That’s because it’s that important!! And we tend to miss it. We tend to chalk our life up to random list of coincidences, which is the furthest thing from any truth I know of.

You connected with me. Random? I don’t think so.   You connected to this group. Random? Not a chance.

Here’s the thing.

If you play, (have fun, get excited, follow the signs, and revel in miracles big and small) you’ll start to see a path form before your eyes and you’ll create more abundance on all levels.

And by abundance I mean everything you want that makes your life sing. Health, freedom, purpose, love and joy.

The Universe winks at you multiple times a day – are you winking back?

You’re being sent opportunities, options and bread crumbs are literally being laid at your feet. Are you following them? Are you exploring what’s in front of you? Are you following the bread crumbs, or sweeping them away?

Today, I want you to “activate” the vibration of synchronicity by holding the thought of the most synchronistic moment you can remember.

First write it on the forum – and then visualize it so well that you activate the energy of it in your being, as if it were happening again right now.

This will draw more synchronicity to you, which will light your path and create more magic in your life!


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