Sync Mastermind.

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Master the Divine Power of SYNCHRONICITY…
to Light the Path, Unfold the Miraculous + Ignite Your LIFE.




golden featherThere is nothing sweeter than basking in the energy of FLOW + possibility. 

And when the manifestation of your dreams + desires begins to fall into your lap, one beautiful synchronistic event after another, there is nothing more fulfilling knowing that you created + attracted it.

Nothing more thrilling than knowing that YOU stood in your power, conspired WITH the Universe — and rocked out!

It is possible to ignite MAGIC in your life.   And there is a way, a very certain way, to do just that.

Countless miracles have  happened…not just in my life, but in the life of others who have chosen the work of alignment.

You’re invited to my very special, my very sacred Synchronicity Mastermind. Let’s light the path, and let the greatness of your future unfold.

I’m here to partner with you, coach you + empower you.  I’m here to help you get in SYNC with your desires, with your Soul, with Universal Law, and with the beautiful phenomenon of Synchronicity..


 the Scoop

The Synchronicity Mastermind is a group coaching program (aka power circle!) geared to help you align with your high self AND with the phenomenon + power of synchronicity.

Synchronicity is one of the most overlooked keys to enjoying the miraculous manifestation of  your dreams and desires.  

There are a few reasons why working in this  context, (versus just straight law of attraction or personal transformation work)  is life changing:

1.   It EVOLVES YOU.  (You’ll honor, merge + align with your highest self in the process!)

2.   EASE.  (Things, events + perfect circumstance  manifest more easily– more flowing downstream)

3.  SPEED.   (Yes, when you get aligned the “good stuff” comes faster.  The Universe loves speed!  And I’ll help you get up to speed with it AND  leverage your momentum.)

The universe likes speed. Don’t delay. Don’t second guess. Don’t doubt.
When the opportunity is there, when the impulse is there, when the intuitive nudge from
within is there, act.  That’s your job. “

Joe Vitale



What You Can Expect

Masterminds  — are POWERFUL.   Napolean thinks so too…and for good reason.

No two minds ever come together without a third invisible force, which may be likened to a “third mind.” When a group of individual minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in the group.
~ Napolean Hill

And, if you’re thinking this group might be for you…it is.  You’ll know.  In fact, you’re work begins NOW… deep trust in yourself  begins right here. 

Do this:  Tune in to your inner voice, that whisper — what are you hearing + feeling + knowing?
What call will you answer?

And yes, by the way —  I’ll challenge you to start NOW.  Always.  Right where you’re at.    In this moment, every moment.

This is go time — and I want nothing more for you than to make your dreams a reality.

It’s time to take your most powerful, your most graceful stand as  a creator.   And as you do,  we’ll hold the space for you.

And get excited, because transformation is on the agenda.


– Uncover subconscious stories that are holding you back
– Conquer fear and self-sabotage
– Learn new tools for connecting with your high self
– Understand how to activate your magnetic center
– Receive guidance on your personal challenges, + move from fear to love
– Fully step into a 100% responsibility model of creating your reality
– Take action toward your goals and dreams
– Stand in your most powerful shoes as a creator
– Fine to your prosperity mindset + vibration
– Get the support you need to create the changes you want
– Get your questions answered, + receive spiritual strategies to move you forward


 Here’s what’s in store: 

1. The Quantum Core


The Quantum Core is exactly what it sounds like.  Lessons in energy, lessons in Universal Law, and lessons in how to access the energy that creates worlds.   Your life is yours for the sculpting…

These Quantum Core lessons  will be delivered through the course of the program.  These lessons represent years of study that are the main shifts and teachings that you need to create more ease and joy in your manifesting…and success in your life.


2. Group Coaching, Mastermind Style

You’ll get 18 mastermind style coaching sessions over 6 months.    

Wherever you are — we’ll meet you there.  Your living room, office or hammock, via Zoom conferencing.

Group Start Date:  November 2017




3.  The Synchronicity Mastermind Hub
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In addition to your weekly group coaching session, the Sync Mastermind HUB holds an array of tools, exercises and worksheets for your perusal and transformation.
To many to list!  However, these full blown courses are added to your package:

1.  The Original Butterfly Experiment
2.  The Wake Up Love Course
3.   Self Love Breakthrough Challenge


 4. Private Facebook Group for the Synchronicity Mastermind

facebook 2
The Sync Mastermind will have it’s own private group on Facebook to interact with one another, to chat about the work + personal life.   Soul sisters and brothers who will have a secret space to create + chat + share through these months together, and beyond.

Connections?  Priceless!!





the People

Know beyond any shadow of a doubt that the amazing participants that gather here will be PERFECT — for the highest intention of this group AND for one another.

We are:

  • Highly expectant, seriously hopeful + know there are no accidents….
  • Know that life happens FOR you and in the same breathe,  because of you….
  • Willing to open up to the miraculous… (even while balancing your check book!)
  • Love to be on the leading edge of  new thought + experiences.

This group, will provide vibe shifting energy, on the spot hot seat coaching + will hold a huge space for your dreams.   It will align you with miracles + jaw dropping synchronicity… and will help you pave the path to that which you’ve been creating… with ease, grace + speed.



anne bader“Participating in Lori’s Sync Mastermind program was nothing short of magical and life changing. Having the experience of working with Lori in a small group, personal setting was incredible. She shares her gifts and talents in such a way that you feel you can achieve anything and everything you desire in life.

The one-on-one attention and coaching is priceless. I can honestly say that it changed the way I operate in terms of my beliefs and thought processes. And I have seen the difference in my business and in my personal life. Lori has a way of connecting and tapping into the things that might be serving as blocks to your abundance; and subsequently guiding you to recognize and remove those blocks.

I felt a wonderful sense of freedom and limitlessness by the end of the program, and everything I learned is carried with me and put into practice every single day. The Sync Mastermind was truly a game-changer for me. Participating was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Thank you, Lori! I am so blessed and thankful that our paths crossed!”

Anne Baader Licensed Massage Therapist

Lori’s Sync Mastermind program was so amazing!  I went into it with little confidence. I almost didn’t show up for the 1st class out of pure fear of going outside of my comfort zone. I was changed from the 1st meeting. The beautiful way that she coaches is so comforting that I felt right at home with her and the small group. I found that I not only learned about myself and my own thought processes and what I needed to change but from each of the others in the group….the things that they would talk about would sync up with something I hadn’t even been aware of in me! This happened each and every time someone else spoke. It was truly amazing and an eye opener.

I decided to take the class for a 2nd round to dive deeper into myself and really tapping into the blocks that I had built up over the years. I had peeled off a lot of layers the 1st round but the 2nd round I seemed to come to life!

I highly recommend the Sync Mastermind Program with Lori Hamann. You owe it to yourself to dive in and you will be so happy you did!

Thank you Lori Hamann! You are truly an Earth Angel and guide and I am so grateful and appreciate all you did for me. I truly love you Soul Sister!

Debbie Collins

“Thanks to Lori Hamann, I have been able to create my life. I have learned the awesome skills of manifestation and how to see the signs with synchronicities. Love seeing all the signs. Asking the universe for one more and it really happens. I have a better mind set and improved health as well. My life has completely changed for the absolute better after meeting Lori on the M100, working with her in Mind Body, Sync Mastermind and we will continue to work together. Take the leap. Surrender and watch you life improve.

Thanks for all the coaching Lori! Keep transforming lives!”

Dr. Kaylene Christensen

The best investment you can make is in your healing on all levels….Body, Mind & Soul ; and Synchronicity Mastermind was a huge part of that for me! Learning in depth about the seven bodies of consciousness…. How to connect and communicate with my Inner Being….And becoming a part of an amazing Sisterhood!

This has all brought my spirituality and self love to levels I never knew was possible! 

Thank you Lori Hamann! Your work is life-changing and appreciated more than I could ever express!


Gabrielle Bruno

cindy“I can’t say enough about the Synch Mastermind.  Not only has it helped me overcome most of my self-sabotaging habits, it has been very instrumental in helping me get into personal alignment.  I use and practice the knowledge gained from this coaching class EVERYDAY to become a better person for myself and world around me.

However, the best part of being a part of a group like this is the INSTANT family members you gain along your journey.  I have so much love for Lori and all of my new sisters.”


Cindy Murray


“Last spring I followed my intuition to do Sync Mastermind. My ability to channel and focus healing has opened from a trickle to a flood!

I connected with my wonderful sync soul-sisters, women who love me unconditionally and whom I love!

Lori’s ability to guide and mentor from her heart has helped me in my own healing. If you’re feeling inspired to do it, by all means go for it, you’ll be so happy you did! It’s an amazing journey that can truly change your life!!”


Charlotte Kimball
Life’s Joyful Purpose


I learned and took-away so much from our coaching mastermind (Synchronicity Mastermind)  and am actually manifesting a very profitable career that I LOVE.

I have helped so many people and am almost to my financial goal that I dreamed about last year.  Now I’m raising the bar, of course, you know me and my Leaps & Bounds!

Thanks for all your help, support & guidance through my trying times.

Much Love & Health,
Laura Hernandez
Isagenix Leader

“I always leave our coaching with such clear intention and purpose about my next steps. Since beginning coaching with Lori, my income has increased by over 50%, opportunities I didn’t think even existed have presented themselves,and I have a new found sense of confidence and self-love.”

Thank you Lori!


Kirsten Kreiling
Spotlight Business Marketing


swestfahl150“Lori has helped me rewrite my story, and begin building the life that I want. I now have a growing business FULL of unlimited potential, a “toolbox” for when life is life , and a much stronger sense of who I am. I’ve taken The Butterfly Experiment, Wake Up Love, Guided Group Journey classes and now coach with her privately in the Aligning the Entrepreneur Inner Circle.

Each and every class brings Lori’s own unique style, warmth and heart. I feel like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon, as I reignite a part of me that was locked away and I’m now growing by LEAPS and BOUNDS!”


Stacey Westfahl

“When I signed up for Lori’s Sync Mastermind, I was doing some soul-searching regarding my career and contemplating a refocus. Lori saw possibility in me (and for me) that were totally in line with my talents and experience and felt quite natural to me. She helped launch me into a new adventure–a perfect one for someone who has such a passion for books, and understands the how-to of writing.

Making an entrepreneurial leap requires a lot of support, and Lori gave me that. Hugely. In addition to writing for corporations, I’m helping entrepreneurs write books that will help expand their own businesses. Lori nurtured my talent, and helped me recognize and embrace the fear of the unknown.”

Lisa Abbate
Word Mountain



the WHY:

1. Come, if you’re ready to pick up the pace in your life or your business.  Hands down, your alignment quickens manifesting + synchronicity.  Let’s get things unraveling bigger, better, stronger, faster + more fun!   If you’re ready for that, then you’re ready for this.

2. Come, if your intentions are begging for your attention.  If you’ve put off putting your relationship with your business first — then there is no time like now to do so.

3. Come, if you’re ready to LET GO,  + experience the miraculous.  We spend our lives trying to control outcomes — and it’s exhausting.   I’d like to help you create your business + your life from a more effective space.

4.  Come, if you’re ready to put FLOWING it out before figuring it out.  (If you haven’t listened to the above recording — please do so.  I’ll help you create more clarity + develop a plan for that)  When you flow first — the figuring, strategy + to do’s — fall into place.

5.  Come if you’re ready for coaching.   The most successful people in the world are coachable + choose coaching.  Why?  Because you can’t see the full view of the field when you’re standing in it.  AND a mastermind is a collective.  Together we’ll put manifestation of your goals and dreams on the forefront, and co-create together.


. How to Apply?

Applying is easy…. just fill out the form below and you’re IN.

Space IS limited, so please fill out the form and grab your initial enrollment conversation with me to explore the program and working together. 

I am so excited to coach with you! There is nothing more important than putting your life + dreams first.   It’s the FIRST step to success, and an incredibly powerful decision.  I applaud you for making the leap!

It’s time for more — and it’s yours for the asking, and for the creating.  More of what you ask?  More life, more dreams, more joy, more THRILL of energy moving through you…  more miracles, more synchronicity, more manifestation.  More love, and becoming more of you are.


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Apply for enrollment chat with Lori, and explore the possibilities!