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Lean Into the Dream

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Sometimes you just gotta lean into it. That’s right; you have to lean into the goal, the dream or the desire. Taking huge leaps can be intimidating and can activate.. read more

Argue for Your Limitlessness

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Limitations – do you have them? Do you believe in them? I’m not here to convince you that you can be a brain surgeon tomorrow. But I do feel compelled.. read more

Comparison Is a Vibration

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Have you been in the dreaded space of comparison? Guess what? It’s scarcity consciousness and fear. Fear, that you – in your brilliance – are not enough. Let’s explore. Comparing.. read more

On Manifesting Health

If you’ve ever felt “caught” with a physical or bodily desire or condition you’d like to shift – or you have a dream or desire for your body, tune in… read more

What Do You REALLY Need

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I want you to recognize something in yourself. This might be something you resist for just a moment; it might even be something you want to avoid. But being truthful.. read more

Appreciating Work

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WORK. It’s a word that’s laden with beliefs, feelings and expectations. It defines not only where you go when you arise each morning M-F, 9-5 – but also suggests hardship.. read more

What You Think They Think

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My Grandfather used to say, “Lori, what they think of me is none of my business.” I remember feeling slightly appalled, thinking, “You should care what they think. You should.. read more

On Promise Keeping

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Promises. They are a big deal, aren’t they? A sacred agreement that “shouldn’t” be broken, ever. Unless of course, circumstances arise that are so dire, all parties nod in agreement,.. read more

Why Deep Self Love?

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In a nutshell, you could say manifestation is all about aligning your thoughts with your dreams and desires, shifting your belief systems toward prosperity, and visualizing the feeling of your.. read more

Project Unconditional Love – Part 2

In part 1 of this little series I asked you to deem your life “Project Unconditional Love”. Here’s a piece of truth.  Even if you did this (shifted to an.. read more

Project Unconditional Love – Part 1

I want you to consider, deeming your life – in this moment – Project Unconditional Love. If you did just that ~ and committed to a life of true unconditional.. read more