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Hold That Thought!

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Have you ever been right in the middle of a conversation with someone who said – “HOLD THAT THOUGHT”! At first, you might find the interruption rude (whether they took.. read more

Argue for Your Limitlessness

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Limitations – do you have them? Do you believe in them? I’m not here to convince you that you can be a brain surgeon tomorrow. But I do feel compelled.. read more

Abundance Lives HERE

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There is abundance ALL around you. The question is – do you notice it? Do you focus here? Is this what you choose to make your dominant thought and experience?.. read more

Assume the Feelin’

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Neville Goddard wrote, “Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” One of my absolute favorites quotes of all time. Today, it’s your job to BE in that place. Revisit your.. read more

Appreciating Work

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WORK. It’s a word that’s laden with beliefs, feelings and expectations. It defines not only where you go when you arise each morning M-F, 9-5 – but also suggests hardship.. read more

Life is an Experiment

What might happen if LIFE, and everything you did was just one big happy experiment? If you made the decision to view it all as just one big happy trial?.. read more

Are You Clutching?

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You know that feeling, when you want something with ALL your heart. When you want it SO bad it consumes you? You clutch and cling to that dream with all.. read more