The Art of Creating Your Life

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At any given moment in time you can ask yourself – simply – where am I am? Notice… and be the observer. Is it peace or stress? Is it frustration or ease? Is it appreciation or depreciation?

Granted there are number of “factors” that your might believe contribute to your overall state of being – but the truth is, you are still in the captains seat, no matter what those perceived factors are.

You could say, well – I could change my mind, change my thoughts, and change my life Lori, but I need to deal with my crabby wife, or my out of control kids, or my bank account that is much less than I want it to be. And those things effect me. It’s hard to find peace there.

I have no control over how I feel.

Is this true? If you want it to be. If your partner is crabby, does that mean you have to be? Silly question right? But you would be surprised at the number of people that “know it” but have a hard time practicing it.

Key word here is… PRACTICE. We practice piano, we practice playing a sport, we practice meditation – but do we practice choosing out own state of being?

Pretend for a moment that today you woke up – and decided to feel drained, upset and out of control about your bank account. (By the way you could choose this if you had a dollar in it, or a million)

What if… you went to your computer and wrote something like this…just for the fun of it, just to pretend, just to see what might happen.

“Today I am basking in the sunlight – although not directly – my spirit is soaking it up. I can feel myself literally “lifting”, shifting, into a place of light and oneness with the present moment. Life is feeling good.  As I fine tune my resonance through my attention to my thoughts are feelings…I am literally creating a new state of being. I AM thoroughly enjoying the process right now…and basking in the fact that there are infinite possibilities, life is fluid…. note to self…. LIFE IS FLUID!”

I’m not even asking you to be truthful. I’m asking your to pretend, play, step into a new field of awareness. In just reading this – how do you feel?

Shifting can be done easily – all it takes is willingness, practice, and commitment.