the Art of Digging Deep (and why you MUST)

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  ~ Carl Jung

One of the main reasons people seek me out for coaching is so you can “dig deeper” than you normally could, or would — on your own.

In fact, there are moments as a coach I am merely a mirror, helping you to see what you have asked to see… yet sometimes I literally hold a shovel for shovel for you — and say, “Dig here.”

With my built in dowser in one hand, and vibrational shovel in the other —  we dig — making sure we don’t stop 3 feet from  gold.

And what’s the gold?

It’s the shift, the ah-ha, and the release — that changes your energy so dramatically that you quite literally attract different circumstances, experiences, opportunities, and abundance to your life.

It’s good stuff.  In fact — when you allow yourself to dig deeper, you open yourself to the unexpected, open yourself up to endless possibility.  It’s freeing.

Through the process you allow yourself to become a match to who it is you really are, and a match to abundance on all levels of life.

But as conscious creators — my clients want to know how to do that “off session”.

I have an inkling you do to!

You want to know how to “dig deep” — because digging deep, into your life, and your emotions (and thus the energy that creates your world)  is what makes the shift that attracts the life you so desire.

So let’s talk about how to get out your own life shifting shovel.

Digging deep doesn’t just mean going the distance, or exploring — it’s a loving space you hold + a willingness to not settle for less than gold.

Here’s how to get real and make the shift:

1.  Get Out Of Your Own Way:  The truth is, it’s easy to be in your own way — and not even realize it.  That’s because we live by habits and patterns, and assume that is how life is done.

Be open to the fact that whatever you are looking at is a perspective, one perspective… and getting out of your own way  takes owning that your current perspective it’s working for you.

You know the old saying — “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.”  Well — on the flip side of that, if it aint workin’, fix it.

2.  Get Real.  What on earth does it mean to “get real” anyway? To me, it means be willing to be honest with yourself on all levels.  Open your heart and your mind to what needs to be SEEN.  If your head has been in the sand — take it out.  Being brutally honest takes courage, but it’s worth it.  In this moment you have already moved a few shovels full of dirt!

3.  Trust Yourself.   Digging deep — deep enough to be fully aware of what’s going on within requires a great deal of trust.  My clients trust I’ll give them my hunches, all of them.  Now it’s your turn to trust yourself.

What message are you getting.  What’s your hunch, your intuition?  It’s time to turn on your God given clairsentience, and be willing to know what you know.  This is one thing my mentor taught me — 20 years ago:  “Know what you know.”   Enough said.

4.  Fear Not.  It might feel scary to take a real look at what you believe, and what your feeling… not because you are afraid of how you are feeling, but you might just be afraid of being “wrong” about how you are feeling.

And hear me:  I’m the first one to say, meet yourself where you are at — however, when you want to dig deeper, do a gut check and ask whether or not it is serving you to have your point of focus where it’s at.  Nothing to be afraid of.   You are digging deep into thoughts and emotions — and guess what?  That’s all they are.  Thoughts and emotions.  The only power they have is the power you give them.

5.  Question It.  One of the biggest pitfalls I see, is an unexplored emotion or belief,  (especially the ones that are not working for you).

If your belief in scarcity is not working, then I suggest you explore it.  Does it serve you on some level?  What’s the cost of this thought or belief?  Is it really true?  Might feel that way — but it doesn’t mean it is.  Love is the only truth.

6.  Question It Again.  Think you have dug deep enough to make a shift? If you feel free, yes.  If you feel lined up with your highest self, yes.  If you feel relief, yes.  If not — explore it again… and dig a little further.

How is this serving me?  Am I willing to shift it?  What have I learned?  How is this a indicator of my next step? What can I do in this moment to get to “gold”?


Leave me a comment below…  I’d love to chat with you.  🙂