Top 10 Ways To Honor Yourself

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 Long delightful story…but I wrote this back in 2000, and almost 10 years later…it’s alive!

Top 10 Ways To Honor Yourself

1. Trust your intuition.

A biggie. Trusting yourself implicitly…your hunches, gut feelings, your higher power…is one of the best ways to honor yourself. Think of a time that you totally trusted your intuition. Nothing more honoring.

2. Live the Truth. Speak the Truth. Be the Truth.

Aren’t things just a lot easier that way? It’s about living your truth vs. someone else’s. It’s about telling the truth to yourself even if it pinches a little. It’s about seeing how great being in truth really is and how you can move forward – with truth.

3. Give yourself permission…

Permission to heal, forgive, ask for what you need, say no, see the good in you, be self-ful, and love you totally. Where would you like to give yourself permission in your life?

4. Create space.

Where could you use a little space these days? Your office? Need some quiet time? Space in your heart for you… Create space so the good stuff can flow into your life a bit easier. Give yourself space to grow…this is so honoring.

5. Choose to have people in your life who honor YOU.

If you are in relationships that suck the life right out of you, you may want to consider why you would choose to dishonor yourself by sticking around. During this transition consider protecting yourself with some awesome boundaries and a little white light.

6. Be who you are. Really.

Realize how tired you feel of not being you.

7. Wherever you are at in life…be there FULLY.

Passionately live your life like a one year old…Even if all you can muster up is a nap, then nap fully, passionately and love it.

8. Choose to be at choice.

It’s liberating. Try it. Think about the percent of your day, week, or year, that you don’t feel at choice in your life. Intellectually we know we are at choice…but we don’t feel like it much of the time. Make the shift and choose to be at choice all the time.

9. Choose to evolve consciously.

It seems like when we are growing our gardens in the spring they seem to be healthier and fuller with a little conscious gardening. Same with our lives…. We will evolve naturally, of course, but why not evolve with a little TLC in our personal garden of evolution?

10. Know the best way to honor yourself.

How can you honor yourself in a way that honors who you are and what you need? Add more to this list. Do what works for you!