Two Most Powerful Words

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I echo this message from the mountaintop today; it’s one of the most powerful things you need to know. Yes, what you want to manifest, and what you manifest ROCKS – but the journey is much more about WHO you are becoming, and who you decide to be.

(Your dreams manifest because you’re lining up with your most powerful authentic self!)

The words “I AM” are powerful. For example, you can choose to say “I am well” or “I am sick.” You can choose to ignite “I am rich” or “I am poor.” “I have it all” or “I have nothing.”

I AM. Two of the most powerful words ever spoken. When you say “I am… xyz”– you literally call that which you speak into existence. Speaking the words I AM – and following them with anything is like painting your landscape as you’d like to see it.

What words will you choose to follow every I AM statement you make? You’ve got the paintbrush. What words will you stroke?

For me, there is a bigger vision here. I want you to call into existence more of YOU. More of who you are becoming. More of who you are already are. More of ALL of that you are.

Today, I want you to write a sacred mission statement. This is about declaring who you are, who you are becoming and making a commitment to align with souls purpose.

Write: I AM (who you decide to be) who (what you are going to do).

An example of my own: “I AM a powerful catalyst WHO holds a sacred space to create massive transformation, prosperity, freedom joy and love on all levels of life for myself and those whose lives I touch.”

If you’re not sure – don’t sweat it. “I am becoming who I am! I am LOVE. I am light…xyz.” (And keep it going!)

If you focus more on who you are becoming, rather than what you are creating, then what you want to create will manifest far more quickly. (And HEY – watch those I AM statements. What will you speak into being?)

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