#tyuomp (Thank You Universe, One More Please!)

When I was first starting my coaching practice, it was my intention to attract my true tribe…those of you that were seeking deep transformation on all levels of life.

Every time one of my tribe showed up on my virtual doorstep, I would celebrate and say, “Thank you Universe, one more please!”

And that celebration grew into a mantra and even more so, a manifesting practice…..

Over the years I wrote, “Thank you Universe! One more please!” on my white board every time something awesome happened.

Every time I knew and felt to the core of my being that the Divine had my back. (that’s often!)

Every time a little morsel of perfection came my way.

Every time I was given what I wanted.

Every time I was surprised with something even greater than what I thought I wanted.

Every time a delicious synchronicity blessed my life and  lit up the divine path.

And here’s what I know.

These 6 words will change the way you manifest.
Thank you Universe, one more please.  


Revel in them and the law of attraction will bow to you… because like a gratitude prayer there are LAYERS of  magnetism, energetic alignment and philosophy within them.

A few years ago I began sharing that very phrase with my community over at The Manifestation 100….  and well, it’s taken on a new life + energy of it’s own.

(And a hashtag! #tyuomp)

Thank You Universe, One More Please! 


Newbies to my work and world  ask,  “Why do you say that?”

This is why.

“Thank You Universe, One More Please” is  a mantra for deep appreciation + gratitude, loving + receiving.  It’s a choice to align my energy, stand in my power as a conscious creator, and in the same breath honor the divine energy that I am ONE with.

It activates appreciation for all that you have, and all that’s coming.

It invites your good to flow right into your reality as you focus upon it.

Let’s dig.  The deeper meaning of Thank You Universe, One More Please, is two fold.   Feel into this:


Part 1:  Thank you Universe!

I stand in massive gratitude and appreciation, and as I do I become a vibrational match to love!  I honor the divine unfolding that brought “this” beauty, this experience in my reality”, this magic, this moment of awe. I’m beyond grateful — I feel this appreciation to my core and I REVEL with pure delight.  I am overwhelmed with appreciation + delight as this magic flows through me + my life!!  (Now when you say THANK YOU — imagine that this is what you mean and feel.)

Part 2:   One More Please!

I consciously open myself to receiving this and something more.  I open my heart to all that you have in store for me…(one more, and one more and one more!) I humbly detach from the outcome + trust the unfolding!  I trust that the Universe is conspiring in my favor, that everything is happening FOR me, that…. delivering circumstance BEYOND my imagination. I joyfully play and dance with the energy of the Universe because when I do — I myself become a match to Source. To Limitlessness.  And to endless possibilities.  (Now, when you say, “one more please”, feel into the layers of receiving that you’ve just activated.)

Thank you Universe, One More Please!   #tyuomp!


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