When the Universe Winks, Are You Winking Back?

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One of the things I loved to do as a kid, was lay back on a prickly mat of grass I claimed for the afternoon, and watch the clouds take shape for me…right before my eyes.  Many of them had deep meaning — I learned to know which ones.

Those are some of my most peaceful childhood memories.  Getting in touch.  Tuning in.  Noticing the little things.    Questioning…was that for me?  How could it NOT be?

Wondering if it was all connected and then coming to understand how it IS…. followed by a wash of love + peace like nothing I’d felt before.

No one had to convince me that there was “more to this life” than my body stuffed with some random personality.  While I didn’t have the words for it… I knew.  And I learned the absolute truth of that on those blissfully boring summer days — when I had nothing else to do but bask in boredom, wonder, tune in + notice the finer frequencies…the signs…the unraveling around me, and see how it’s all connected.

Fast forward to today…life moves A LOT quicker than those lazy days as a kid — but my mindset looks the much same.  And — the way I do business reflects that too, 100%.

I’m still tuning in, paying attention to events that are MIRACLES.  (even the little ones)   I ask the same question… “Was that for me?”  And now with certainty I amuse myself and state, “Of course!!  How could it NOT be! ”  Business…like the clouds, takes shape right before my eyes…so many events layered with deep meaning about the path ahead — and I’ve learned to know which ones.

Just last week my car alarm went off at thee only moment it could have… perfect information feel in my lap….a new concept was downloaded into my mind… I reset a nagging belief that has been hanging around way too long, I was nudged to clicked on the right link ….

And the list goes on.  One thing I do know…the Universe winked at me — and I choose to wink back!  Do you?

If you think life happens to you, or if you still believe in accidents or coincidences — that’s ok, really.  Consider THIS blog post one sweet sign there may be another way…a way that can support you in getting to where you want to go faster, with more ease, with more grace — and actually a whole lot more fun.  🙂


You know, the season never struggles to change…it just does.  It never wonders if it will be as successful as  last year, or if it’s worthy.  It  just unravels, and always without fail…NAILS IT.
A LOT like you if you allow it!


So… I want to get you started on some prep work before class October 8th: (are you coming to Syncing Up With Synchronicity?)

 And I’d LOVE for you to start this work now.  And why not?   You’ve got winks from the Universe all OVER your life + business, and it’s time you start winking back!

That means…do your work.  Take action.  Be deliberate.  Get excited…good things are unraveling….

Here’s your work, start now.

#1 Start looking for proof of synchronicity… it’s all around you… if you’re looking + expecting, you’ll experience it.  Listen for stories from your friends, think about things that have perfectly unraveled in the past.  Notice how one thing needed to happen before another — and BOOM there was a magical line of events that got you there.

#2 Start feeling for it.  (Feels like “click”…or that feeling like “that happened for a reason”…or feeling grace within)
You might feel the perfect song played on the radio at the perfect time, the phone call came in that you’d been meaning to make for weeks, the problem resolved itself, the opportunity presented itself quickly… There are a million ways — but look for what feels synchronistic for YOU in your heart.

#3 Start writing it down…every little thing that looks, smells, feels + heck even tastes synchronistic to you…notice and LOG it.
Nothing more to say here… just take action on this one.  More powerful than words can express.

Pretty fun prep work, wouldn’t you say?  I hope to see you on the call — we’ll go further, deeper broader + set you up to have synchronicity blessing your life + business asap.