How To Make A Vision Board that Rocks

I was in my early teens when I created my very first “vision board”.

Ok, so not your ordinary photos-on paper-vision-board, but a secret nook and cranny vision board.

You see, my grandfather was a carver, and he carved me the most interesting green eyed owl with a center that could slide in and out.

Inside was a secret compartment for anything I wanted to hold.

In the beginning I stored pennies,  little decorative pins, petals of dried flowers, and crystal flicks of stones I’d found in the woods ~ but after some time I tucked notes and drawings on teeny pieces of paper.

I folded them tight and small, each fold representing a more focused intention, a wish, a prayer.

Little did he know, he had created a secret wishing well inside the tummy of that owl.  It was my secret vision board (and to this day potentially the coolest one I’ve ever had).

There was great power here.  I couldn’t articulate it at the time, but something inside of me knew that whatever I would put in that owl would come to be.  I just had to trust and release.

What was I wishing for?  The same thing I intend for everyday: to love, be loved and be happy.  To create. Live fully.  And be truly joyful.

You might be asking — “Lori, so how’s that a vision board?”  Quite simply — it represented my deepest focused intentions, and it brought me JOY to want + create  them.

Inside that well was the essence of my desires, all folded up without a hint of resistance standing in the way.

So, fast forward to today. I do a lot of classes and have coached a lot of clients, and one thing I’m sure to invest time in is the creative art of the vision board…a visual and creative representation of your dreams + desires, that when expressed ~ hold a  powerful + limitless intention of being manifested in your life.

The intention and energy?  “And so it is.”

It’s not just about creating the “stuff” you want,  it’s about getting into alignment with who you are, and watching your desires unfold. Life is magical if you tune in!

Now, if you’ve got a wise old manifesting owl and like to go that route — awesome!  It’s all about ENERGY and INTENTION.

But since you might not have that, let’s talk about creating a beautiful, meaningful vision board that will make your heart sing and change your life.


My inner child always guides me here, and I’d like you to meet her 🙂

She’s immensely intuitive, soulful and silly all in the same breath. She’s got freckles, loves to frolic in her favorite white frilled dress with butterflies, no doubt.  She’s a poet at heart.  She know that you are as limitless as the Universe that surrounds you, and begs for you to look into her eyes and know it’s true too.

She asks for you not to put off this exercise.  While it might seem elementary and childish, it’s a bold and visual expression of your powerful SELF, your deepest desires + your highest purpose.

Let’s get out the scissors and glue, shall we?




How to Make Vision Board That Rocks!  

1. INVITE:  In this moment –  ask your Inner Child to play.   He or She would love to join you!  You’ll notice you can get into the present moment with ease (where your power lies) and you’ll find yourself becoming more heart centered when you do so.

Ask your Inner Child to help you tap into the magic and limitlessness of this precious life in front of you, and be shamelessly plugged into that which you LOVE and desire from your soul.  This is the juice that will make your visions, and your vision board come to life.

2.  PLAY: Create a space of playfulness.  Don’t over think.  Allow the essence of what you want your life to look and feel like float to you like a drifting bubble.  Easy, effortlessly and playfully.

3. ALLOW:  If you feel excitement running through you — let it!  Allow yourself to dream and desire.  (Our adult selves like to squash our dreams with reality, reports on the economy, and protections from fear of loss and hurt).

4. GOODS:  You’ll need some goods for this project…magazine, scissors, glue, tape.  You can go big with glitter, ribbon and stuff you collect from life that has meaning.  That penny that showed up, glistening on the hot pavement,  when you were intending for abundance… a picture from that travel brochure in mall that caught your eye and had message for you….

5.  EXPRESS:  You know your intentions.  You know what you want.  With your Inner Child on board, allowing yourself to dream UP, you sit with a big white board and a stack of musty magazines.  Time to cut, glue and express.  Time to make it beautiful — as beautiful as your dreams are, and wondrous as you are willing to allow.  Notice what images make your heart swell.  Which images RESONATE on a deeper level that ego, + which images make your body buzz with excitement.

6.  ALIGN: So, you come across a photo of a open field.  Notice how it  resonates.   Does it align with who you are, who you are becoming and what you really desire? You know your answer.  It represents your open heart, your willingness to experiment, your desire to tune into your intuition.  That’s alignment.  That’s how it should feel.  And now it gets a place on your board.

On the flip side… you come across a photo of a guy stepping out of his private jet.  Ahhh,  you want abundance too.  But ask yourself, does it resonate.  Am I aligned?  Do I really want THAT?
Trust your instincts!

7. REVEL: Now, allow yourself to REVEL in it.  In fact, revel so much that you can virtually let go, and let it become.  Remember,  “and so it is” …bless your vision board with this small prayer and know it’s coming.

Tuck it away, keep it out, or revisit it from time to time.  There is no right or wrong way, and you’ve just set major life changing energy in motion.