Want Inspiration? Just Ask.

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In-spir-ation = Spirit coming in.

Do you ever find yourself in a funk, waiting to be hit with inspiration? Waiting to be filled with the idea of the century, to be moved into action? You wait for something outside yourself to create that shift. You feel powerless don’t you? As if life happens to you, versus you “happening” to your life?

Let’s feel into this. Waiting for inspiration, or anything else for that matter, activates the vibration of “waiting.” And along with that it activates the vibration of “not showing up.”

What you focus on grows. Want to wait longer? Then focus there. Want things (including inspiration) to not show up? Focus there.

The good news is – you get to ask for inspiration, did you know that?

When it shows up on your doorstep – that’s a beautiful thing. But, know you don’t have to wait for inspiration – not ever again. Just ask, ask, ask. You can have it now.

Inspiration is a stream, and you can have as much as you’ll allow. All you need to do is ask.

– If I were inspired right now, what would I allow to flow through me?
– I choose to lean into the feeling of inspiration. What’s does it feel like? And then, what nudge do I get?
– If I were to hold hands with “inspired action” right now, what would I feel like doing (more than anything else?)
– Inner Being, I’m open to the flow of inspiration. Ready for the download. Guide me. Go.

TODAY ask these questions, and listen – with all that you are – to the nudges you feel, the pictures you’re offered in your mind’s eye, and to the feelings that you have.

FEEL through these questions, and write your INSPIRATION in the forum or in your journal.

Ask and it is given.

You’ve got the power to connect, baby.

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