What Do You Need?

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Everyone has needs, desires and wants. It’s important to tune in – figure out what you truly “need” to be at your best each day, and get that need filled.

Getting your needs met is deep self-love for your ego. And when you love her/him by getting those needs met – it’s like offering your inner child a pacifier – it’s soothing, and you tend to be less reactive.

There are teachings “out there” that would suggest the ego is evil, that suggest you’ve got to get rid of it, that would suggest you have to ascend beyond it. But I’m not interested in having you do anything but LOVE your Ego. It’s part of you, and has a very important job to do as the focuser of your intention, of your feeling, and the protector of your physical self.

So, embrace it, love it and get its needs fulfilled from a place of awareness and consciousness. Now, there is no need to let your Ego, or your Ego’s needs “run” you. Heart IS indeed master. But – it’s time to take very good care of thy Ego, and getting your needs met is one way to do so.

So reflect for a moment. What are your core needs? Hmmm?

Today, ask your ego what it truly “needs” to feel content. To feel satisfied. To feel balanced. To feel whole?

Be willing to give YOURSELF what you need, and be willing to ask for what you need from others.

Write this in your journal or on the forum. “Truth me told, I need XYZ and XYZ and XYZ to feel whole.”

(And P.S. Notice what comes up for you when I ask you to do this exercise. It’s a golden opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself – and experience personal growth in the process.)


Watch the video: https://youtu.be/d0zdY1S-9Eg