What Excites You Now?

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Ready to turn up your manifesting vibe? Well then – let’s get EXCITED!

There is something very attractive about excitement. Meaning – there is something magnetic that goes on within you when you allow yourself to be excited and feel the energy of excitement flowing through you.

Excitement is a match to all you have ever desired. It’s hopeful, it’s focused – it loves – it acts as a catalyst for your manifestations to unravel with speed. It’s like fuel for your manifestations.

Let’s release resistance and let it in. Sound good? Stop what you’re doing and feel into what EXCITES you, right now in this red hot moment.

And that doesn’t mean you have to get excited about the lottery you’d like to win… hone it in. Get excited about the cup of coffee your about to drink. The bath you’ll draw. The sun that’s shining on your face. Get excited that you’re living in a reality where you can choose your thoughts and experience, and then DO it. Isn’t that exciting?!

In every moment, there is a gateway opportunity to excitement in your life. You can open it by asking yourself, what excites me right now?

NOW?! What’s pulling me forth? What excites me in this red hot moment? Get stoked. Feel the joy of it!

Write down what excites you right now. Don’t judge it. Let it pull you forth. Let it be what action you choose. Let it be your focus. Allow yourself to be taken with excitement. Swept up in a loving river of excitement!

Me: This coffee that I’m drinking. The Manifestation 100 Family! These words I’m typing. The coaching session that’s coming up in 30 minutes! This candle that’s burning because I took the time. This tidal wave of perfection and connection I’m creating. Letting go – excites me! Visions of what’s coming – excites me!


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