What You Think They Think

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My Grandfather used to say, “Lori, what they think of me is none of my business.” I remember feeling slightly appalled, thinking, “You should care what they think. You should care what I think. Isn’t that a sign of love and respect?”

Fast forward to today. I get it. And while I do care about what others think, and always strive to create more connected relationships of mutual understanding and love – I also understand that we can get caught up pretty quickly, in a web of mistruth that’s generated by our own stinkin’ thinkin’ – based on what you THINK THEY THINK. (Generated from our own un-worth no doubt!)

This can be dangerous. If you paid attention – you could have a running conversation in your own mind about what you “think they think” all day long. Constantly adjusting your behavior, choices and words to accommodate for the world. Constantly in a state of lack and not enough-ness. Constantly staying small out of fear of what they might think about you. Not taking action on what needs acting upon, in fear of what the world might think of you.

Here’s the problem with that. Not only is it exhausting – not only does it detract from your wholeness and your connection to your Inner Being – what you “think they think” is based on assumptions.

What you think people think is that your business? And can you know for sure?

(Hmm. Probably not.)

Sure. I honor my hunches, my intuitions, and certainly, when I get non-verbal cues from others. And sometimes, you have to just know what you know. There is plenty of room for that – and deeply trusting yourself.

But this is different. I’m asking you to address your negative chatter. There tends to be a lot of chatter in our heads about what “we think they think” that depreciates us and sabotages our creation efforts. Can you feel it?

Here’s the truth. More often than not it’s an indicator of what we think about ourselves. We are really good at projecting how we feel about ourselves in the world. And trust me, I’ve been a professional at this in my life so you’re not alone. I continue to work on releasing my assumptions, my thoughts and my chatter that carries on in my head – that’s really not at all about the rest of the world. It’s all about ME.

I suggest you own it. Own your imperfection here. We’ve all got it. We are all coming home to who it is we are.

So, how about this – instead of making assumptions on what you think they think or what they might think – how about checking it out? Can you really know, for sure, what they think? And even if you did, (or they actually told you) would you take it on as a shortcoming, or could you use it as feedback to create a shift and stand in your power as a creator?

Unless you ask, can you know what you “think they think” is true? Nope. So, don’t let it run you and get in the way of your pristine vibration. You are LOVE after all.

Today’s exercise is easy.

Write this: Truth be told, I think people/he/she thinks XYZ about me. (One word will do.) Today, I choose to release “what I think others think,” my own negative chatter – and be conscious about these thought patterns. I’m choosing a MUCH more loving thought about myself in this red hot second. Here it is… XYZ.

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