What’s Working?

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There is one thing I know to be true, and that is – what you focus on grows. What you think about you bring about. It’s basic Law of Attraction theory.

Now, you know by now that I believe it’s more than that – you need to come home to your worth, to the love you are and stand in your most powerful shoes as the creator of your reality to truly IGNITE the Law of Attraction in your life. It’s the missing ingredient.

But today, let’s talk about pure thought.

We tend to get in funks and patterns of thought that don’t serve us. Your thoughts not only create your reality, but create your state of BEING, create your physical experience in your body, and even create synapses in your brain.

Feel like you’re not choosing your thoughts? Like they are doing you? It’s just because you’ve conditioned yourself over a lifetime, and created a set of brain connections around a set of beliefs. (And by the way, it’s Day 7 – and if you’re doing the work here, you are already remapping your resonance, whether you feel it or not.)

So, yes. Thought is THAT powerful. And while I don’t want you to fear your thoughts (you can have your way with them) I do want to be straight with you about the impact they have on your life, your health and your prosperity.

You’ve heard the creation formulas. And they feel good. And they are true.

Ask. Believe. Receive.

Be. Do. Have.

For the purpose of today, let’s entertain this:

Think. Emote. Resonate. Manifest.

We tend to focus on what’s not working. What needs fixing. What our troubles are. How it’s all wrong. How nothing will change. We obsess. And in that jungle, we have a hard time seeing opportunity and abundance that’s right before our eyes – much less having things turn around, unless we are being conscious and choosing our thoughts instead of letting our thoughts choose us.

But let me refresh you. The truth is even just one thought has the power to change what’s not working into more of what’s working.

Holding thoughts of “what’s WORKING” right now in this red-hot moment – has the power to open a gateway, or even a floodgate of a beautifully working life. Where everything clicks. Things show up in perfect time. Just for you. When you need it. Abundance unfolds because the more you focus on “what’s working” more and more and more and more shows up that’s WORKING. You attract it to you.

And when you start wondering why life is getting so good, remember that you chose a thought, consistently, that brought more of that to your life.

There is huge power here.

Today’s exercise: What’s working out for me right now? List it. List all of it.

And affirm: Things are working out for me. Notice it with all that you are.


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