What to Do When Your In Breakdown

It’s easy to talk about the fluffy topics of positive thinking, law of attraction, and conscious creation.   In fact, I like it here. My friend calls it being on “rainbow time”, and to be honest that’s a nice place to be….except when you are not.

I have found myself in quite a few funks in my lifetime, and use the knowledge that I’ve gathered from being steeped in transformational teachings daily to quite literally pull myself out of a huge pile of….leaves, yes, leaves.

I still never make light of a true in the moment “personal breakdown”. If you were my client I would meet you exactly where you were at, no matter how difficult ~ and I’d ask you to do the same for yourself.

Personal breakdowns, for the purpose of this article mean, you are stuck, you are frustrated, or possibly really angry. You might feel like giving up, you might feel alone, like the world is against you, and nothing works.

You may wonder why all the walls have just come crashing down at once, and you are certain there is not one more thing you could ever do in this life time that would make your life feel any happier. You might feel “wound” as tight as a ball of yarn with no chance of unraveling… shall I go on?

I think you get the picture. Whatever your crisis….just fill in the blanks with the words you use. We all have been there.

We all come to this “time space reality” to experience the contrast, to create in our own experience, and to create TRUE alignment with who it is we are — and we could not do those things, we could not transform, without the occasional breakdown.

One of my favorite analogies, and I share this in the Butterfly Experiment, is about the fact that a caterpillar totally breaks down — into a soup like state called a pupa — tapping the infinite intelligence that she is, before becoming the butterfly. Imagine trust that occurs here.

What might happen if you began to trust yourself this way? God/Source/ or your divine plan? Only your ego deems things as “bad”. Only your ego says, well, here’s another breakdown, and boy is it a bad one.

Try this on instead…oh, here’s another breakthrough….I can feel it coming. In fact I have noticed this before…I go through what feels like a breakdown only to truly come to a new level of expansion, of attraction, of love. I may not love this, but I know that it is the raw material that I need to create more joy, truth, knowing-ness…

I know that whatever this is…I know I will have expanded. So, with that said, (on a side step to rainbow time)… with that said remember a few of these points when you judge yourself to be in chaos, or in breakdown. It eases the journey….and then suddenly out pops your beautiful wing, out of that tightly wound chrysalis.

I hear you wanting something even more concrete. Let’s make a to do list, and this is partial as I am not listing things like talk to your friends, your coach, cry or scream. 🙂 Etc etc etc.

1. Acknowledge it’s your choice of perception to see “it” that way.
2. Know your ego is judging – and that is not you.
3. Pretend to know what you are gaining from the experience, and if you know, great.
4. Remember that what you focus on grows – how long do you want to stay here?
5. Notice that you can release it if you choose. Pretend you do for moment, what’s it like?
6. Ask – what can I do in this moment to shift my energy? (aka take responsibility)
7. Ask, what needs to be forgiven?
7. Trust that transformation as a part of the intelligence of life.