YES is a Feeling (how to say yes to the Universe)

“When you say “Yes” to something, you include something you do want in your experience.  When you say “No” to something, you include something you don’t want in your experience.”  Abraham Hicks

Life gets blurry sometimes.  Ok, a lot of times.

We have experiences, and if you are in groove with the philosophy with the Law of Attraction, you might find yourself asking yourself, “How did I create that?”

Or worse, standing in a place of blame and regret for how you think, and what you feel.

First things first.  Yes we create our reality, true.  What you focus on grows, what you think about you bring about, and what you put out comes back.  That’s a very literal interpretation of The Law of Attraction.

Just remember however, your ego is the interpreter of that which is  a “bad, unfortunate, or horrible” experience.

Ask yourself this … when “bad” things happen, how do you know that life, in conjunction with your highest self — and your Creator —  are not offering you the next experience you essentially need,   to get to where you are going (that perfect-divine-timing-creation) , and expand your spirit as you wanted to before you were born?

Your heart might know the answer, which might feel like more of a trustful knowingness in these times.  Your ego — most likely not.

So, here’s a potential scenario.  You want something.  You don’t get it.  You feel bad, and you look for solutions. (or not)  Those solutions might be — different ways of thinking, emoting, doing… exploring, seeking answers, and co-creating with others on this very planet who can help you.

Onward with that potential scenario.  You don’t get that experience you want to create.  The success, the lover, the mon.ey, the vacation — and that list of desires much more meaningful than that, and more specific to your own personal journey.

First and foremost, meet yourself where you’re at.

Honor every emotion that you have — and from this place ask — “How can I now, from this very place…say YES to the Universe?”

So, here’s the thing.  YES is a FEELING.  It’s a state of being, it’s a choice, and it feels good.

When you say YES to the Universe it feels like this… (please add your own spice!)


“I stand fully present in my desire, with my heart, head and eyes pointed at that which I want in my life (versus being focused on that which I don’t want)I’m willing to be hopeful, explore my possibilities, and fine tune my thought process. I’m willing to ease myself into a state of grace and allowing, trust in divine timing, and line myself up with my highest self.I’m loving the co-creative process of life itself…I look to create with others, with my spiritual team, and with the solutions and synchronicities as they present themselves to me.I’m willing to get out of my head, and get into my heart.  I’m willing to love myself, and trust both my Highest Self and my Creator, that good things not just “may” come — but good things ARE coming, and it’s a done deal.I — like a mother lion, will nurture my dreams, my life, and my forthcoming creations with all that I have… and as I allow the synchronistic experiences to unfold in my life…one right after another…and I will perfectly attract and create all which I desire.”I consciously choose YES.  Yes to who I am. Yes to all that I can experience.  Yes to perfect unfolding. Yes to all that I desire.

So,  I hope by now you are being easier on yourself, and consciously saying yes to the Universe! …and from there I’d love for you to express your loving gratitude for the way life has unfolded, the beautiful steps before you, and the fact that in addition to all the moving pieces that go into creating your reality, you are ready to say YES to the universe.

Focus on solutions.  Focus on what you want, versus what you don’t want.  Yes is a feeling.  Are you feeling the YES?