Your Creation Vibration: 5 Ways To Create In The Up Spiral

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The key to getting inside your Vibrational Vortex of Creation; to experiencing the absolute absence of resistance; to achieving complete alignment with all that you have become and all that you desire, and to bringing to your physical experience everything that you desire— is being in the state of appreciation. And there is no more important object of  attention  to which you must flow your appreciation than that of self.”

 If you have ever found yourself in a heap of negative emotion ~ you are far from alone, in fact, you are just human.  (Nice to know, huh?)

But, as a deliberate creator, it’s in your best interest to notice what’s going on within you, and create a shift in your thought — and thus your vibration and energy.  What you focus on grows, what you think about you bring about!
This is also when you are reminded that you need to shift your thinking and create your own reality.When you are knee deep in challenge, or it’s fresh in your mind, it’s easy to fall back into old patterns of thinking and judgment.

Ahhh, that negative emotion has it’s purpose doesn’t it.  🙂

However,  it’s easier to shift a belief about something when you are not feeling triggered, isn’t it? I mean, wouldn’t that make sense?

You can examine your thoughts and beliefs from a place of neutrality, and decide what you want to keep, and what you want to release.

Here’s what you normally do.  You experience some kind of challenge or contrast — and then say…”Whoa I better do some conscious creation here”, trying to take control of your creation vibration during the down spirals, but that’s backwards.

(Now, of course — you should take advantage of your manifestation skills in the down turns — but if you want really awesome results in your life, you’ll practice the art of conscious creation when you are in the up spirals!)

So instead of experiencing that challenge, and going back weeks and months lot clean up your thinking and responses to it, consider creating life from the up spiral, which in turn makes the down spirals not so intense.

You’ll know you are making massive steps in your own personal transformation and manifestation skills when you are “in the thick of it “~ and your able to unwind your  thoughts and energy on a dime, but this comes from mindful choices while you are in the up spirals of life.

How To Take Charge of Your Creation Vibration, and Create In The Up Spiral!

Step 1:   Notice when you are feeling really, really good.
Remember, you usually remember to consciously create when you are feeling stressed or challenged, or want to turn something around.  Commit do doing it a little differently.  Notice when you are feeling awesome, and take that as a BIG cue to do a little work!

Step 2:   Revel.  Oh!  But first revel in this place ~ and acknowledge that you are in alignment with your Inner Being, your Highest Self, and the Love that you are.  Things brings you further into the up spiral — the vortex as Abraham calls it.  Nice isn’t it?

Step 3:  Appreciate where you are. 
Appreciate that you can so easily be here, that you come here often, and notice how it feels to appreciate being here.  Notice the present moment.  Notice the dropping of the illusions.  Notice how you feel being so connected to the truth of who you are. Feel the expansion of your connection to the love that you are as you appreciate, appreciate, appreciate.

Step 4:  Ask yourself, what do I want… and why?
Here’s just one way to do a little conscious creation work.  What do you really want? Now sit with this…. what do you reeeeaaaaalllly want?  You are connected.  Blissed out even.  There is no better time to ask what you really want and WHY, put it on paper and juice the heck out of this.  As you feel through this, keep focused on your heart space and set the intention to have more clarity in this moment that you ever have.

Step 5:  Enjoy.  Rinse and repeat if you like.  🙂
Enough said… have fun creating from this place!