Your Field of Dreams

The field cannot be well seen from within the field.   Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life…. is a field.

It’s a  beautiful field of energy, potential, and  infinite possibility.  It’s where you get to create your life, play your game…+ play it as you wish.

I came across the above quote a  while ago, and although it’s so simple, I am struck by it’s power and significance. It’s worth philosophizing about.

“The field can not be well seen from within the field.”  Emerson  (Ahhh, brilliant, brilliant Emerson.)

So, what does that mean… really?  And what does this mean for your life?

Now,  I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself on a baseball field. (yes, even if you’ve never been on one!)

While you are there, notice what’s in front of you, notice what you are focused upon,  notice your perspective…simply notice what you are noticing.

No right or wrong here, just GO. ( Take a few minutes, and enjoy it ok?)

Now, did you notice that your perspective of the field is limited to where you focused?  You don’t see behind you, you don’t see where you’re not, or where you aren’t looking.

No big deal, and certainly simple.

The point is however, your perspective creates your experience.  Always.  Even in your minds eye — what you focus on grows.

Your life can be a Field OF DREAMS  –   if you allow yourself to change your perspective and  limited thinking.

(If you build it…they will come.  Your dreams that is!)

Ask yourself these questions:

~ What current perspectives are you holding that is limiting your life experience?
(think beliefs, attitudes, thoughts?)

And directly connected to that:

~ Where are you standing in your field of life, your field of dreams ~ that limits your experience?
(in powerlessness, un-worth, scarcity thinking?)

~ Are you so immersed in one aspect of your life that you can’t see the rest of your life well, or create what you want in other areas?   (work, work, work! but wish I had xyz…. or vice versa)

Truth.  The field can not be seen well within the field.  True — unless you choose to view the field differently. 

Are you looking at your life and your choices in the big picture and from all angels?

Now, let’s change it up.  Close your eyes one more time and imagine yourself looking out ONTO the field – from the bleachers.

You can see the field very well, and ohhhh WOW you can even see yourself standing where you are, ON the field. (you didn’t see that coming did you)

You have quite a different perspective, don’t you?

You can see the whole field at one glance, and you are able to give an objective opinion of what is going on, because your experience is broader and includes the intelligence of you as an observer.

So, if it is your goal to evolve and create your life with more clarity,  you would want to know how to increase your perspective from WITHIN the field…and from within your life as you are living it.

How could we go about doing this? Consider the following tips.

How to See Clear Within The Field:

1. If you want to increase perspective, increase your perception. Practice listening to your intuition, as it is one of the highest forms of self-awareness. From higher self -awareness we gain higher perspective.

2. Be open to looking at different points of view. The players on the field have a coach, why not you? It pays to get different perspective, guidance and know it’s a gift to self.  A coach or a mentor can give valuable feedback, help you reframe your thinking, and provide a space that pulls your best right out of you.   Be “coachable”.

3. You don’t know what you don’t know. If you want to increase perspective in your life, increase your knowledge – and increase your knowledge about yourself. You can drown in your life’s problems and get stuck for a long, long time just due to a lack of self -awareness and personal growth. Success is so much easier when you personally evolve by choice.

4. When confronted with a tough negotiation, get smart about it. Go to the “dug out” and plan a strategy, and set clear intention for what you desire.   Take a close look at the score, innings left, and visualize being in perfect flow in the game of life.

5. Deal with your emotions about life – having a clear head and heart creates more perspective than anything does!

***(Today’s article is dedicated to my son Luke, #11!    Wishing you the BEST on your first State Tournament honey.  We love you, and support you being you +  creating what you love. You are perfect in every way.)

Chat with me, or leave me a comment below!   Tell me what you think — and perhaps what perspective you’ll shift in your own life to create your own personal field of dreams.