You’re Getting Warmer!

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Do you remember playing Hide and Seek as a kid, or searching for your Easter Basket, or anything else for that matter – when you’re the ONLY one in the room that didn’t know where “that something”  was?

When you’d get close to finding what you were looking for, the crowd would chant “GETTING WARMER, GETTING WARMER!!” And the closer you’d get the louder the crowd would scream – you’re HOT, HOT, HOT!

One step in the wrong direction the crowd says, “Uh oh! Colder! Now you’re freezing!”

Well, manifestation works a lot like that too.

When you’re getting closer to the things you want in your life, it feels good, and light and warm. When you are far away from that which you desire, you feel fear and negativity and literally feel “cool.”

And you know it – one way to get “warmer” is to focus on what already feels sooo close to you, those things that are ripe, and coming to fruition.

And remember you can “warm up” any manifestation you desire with your thoughts. Think it’s far away? Think you can’t find it? Think it’s not coming? That’s like making a choice to freeze your dreams.

Think it’s right around the corner? Trust in divine timing? Notice what’s working in your life? Think it’s all working our perfectly? Thinking about how much your love the journey? Feeling like it’s already here? Feeling lit up about how far you’ve come? Now, you’re on FIRE – and so is your life!!

Now, take yourself back to that game as a kid – remember the feeling of the game – the tone, the voice, the excitement as you or the other person was getting closer to what you were looking for. Warmer! Warmer! Eeeek! Warmer! (Laughing, feel good, oh-my-gosh-your-almost there! Hotter! Hotter! Hotter! Woo hoo!) Do you feel the energy here? It matters!

Can you allow yourself to get excited today?

Now it’s time to put that game to work! Think of everything you deeply desire and write a list of all the ways you’re GETTING WARMER!

Write: Here’s all the ways my life and my manifestations are warming up! These are all the ways I’m closer to that which I desire… XYZ.

(Do you think doing this exercise will warm up your thoughts? Do you think this will bring your desires closer to you? Will it attract them? Is this vibration a match to them? YES.)


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